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  1. I convert it . I shop at amazon.fr a lot
  2. i won like 200K SAT from freebitco.in old days ..
  3. exchange wallets are too risky for long term investments. It's not recommended
  4. no it is not required. Just winning x99 bets
  5. I really think this is the good time to invest in dogecoin It's still climbing ...
  6. nice FAUCET specially the bonus of referrals but still it's not worth it
  7. Hello guys, I was absent for a while ( for studies ) I want to ask you guys why are you active in PD and PD community ? Is it absolutely for making money or do you find here sthing else which helps you to play more ?
  8. The minimum withdrawal amount is pretty huge. But nice idea and nice platform. Signed up on your referral ❤️
  9. I play a lot of 70% bets. Accidents like that always happen to me. I have added a 0 by mistake a lot of times and a lot of them worked and I gained some btc
  10. It's does never work in long term u r going to loose all you money I lost a lot cuz of this method. Gambling platforms are aware of it and they know it's not working
  11. I m using eth now It's so much fun.
  12. thanks. I m going to watch it now
  13. That's really risky. U really had the chancee x) I advise you to not do that again or at least play it with more in your bank account
  14. although a lot of governments and websites are neglecting the ICOs, fiat is trying to market itself to more and more countries and peoples and this factor will help develop cryptocurrencies and increasing its market cap.
  15. I used eth and btc and for me eth is the future and the small fees are a factor in its development
  16. I lost my 0.7 M in an 70% all in 😢 but whatever we learn from our mistakes. And PD community is so much fun by alternating between wins and loses. Hope all the good for u in the future
  17. I would invest some in new icos and markets and buy a car ❤️
  18. I think that bitcoin will always be number 1 and if it drops all the icos and cryptocurrency market will drop too
  19. So do you have an idea on how to make one ?
  20. Hey guys, I need to know if creating a personalized script legal on PD If yes what is the easiest method to do so cuz I was looking and didn't understand how they actually work. And thanks
  21. thanks bro I really needed it I play often at night without any lights and t helped me see better xD