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  1. I think that u have just to ignore these persons. in every community this kind of people is trying to make it hard to have fun and enjoy the communication. But don't worry, if he continues to do so , he'll be surely banned
  2. I discovered btc when it's like under 100$. Really sorry I just thought it's a scam those days ...
  3. we should learn from our mistakes Actually I lost my 700k in an 70% all in take care and good luck
  4. I think that poker or starting with a good investment can both make you a full time career in gambling. But as @CaptainLorca said we have to be really patient and lucky and avoid greed.
  5. In my opinion, It will end 2018 in range of 10K$ and about the long-term investment nobody really knows The experts are not in the same side about that
  6. nope martingale is a 100% lost long-term investment. Try maybe reverse martingale is better or discover the technique that works the most with you
  7. I'll try that x) but I think that recovering with 50/50 can be a little risky
  8. good predict. We can engage better with the sports betting and post a lot of predicts in here Happy hunting
  9. I think that 70% (1.4x) is pretty good . I play it a lot and it's working with me. Never greed and have fun as much as possible
  10. I convert it . I shop at amazon.fr a lot
  11. i won like 200K SAT from freebitco.in old days ..
  12. exchange wallets are too risky for long term investments. It's not recommended
  13. no it is not required. Just winning x99 bets
  14. I really think this is the good time to invest in dogecoin It's still climbing ...
  15. nice FAUCET specially the bonus of referrals but still it's not worth it
  16. Hello guys, I was absent for a while ( for studies ) I want to ask you guys why are you active in PD and PD community ? Is it absolutely for making money or do you find here sthing else which helps you to play more ?
  17. The minimum withdrawal amount is pretty huge. But nice idea and nice platform. Signed up on your referral ❤️
  18. I play a lot of 70% bets. Accidents like that always happen to me. I have added a 0 by mistake a lot of times and a lot of them worked and I gained some btc
  19. It's does never work in long term u r going to loose all you money I lost a lot cuz of this method. Gambling platforms are aware of it and they know it's not working
  20. I m using eth now It's so much fun.