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  1. That always happens actually The mistakes always gives good circumstances
  2. Pineapple alone isn't that bad actually U seem to have a problem with it xDD
  3. Pineapple on pizza is real shiiit ! When I tried it, I couldn't even eat a cup. Pineapple isn't created for Pizza.
  4. Yep they really don't I even used a calculator and got that martingale's loosing probability is like "0" AND even it always makes u bust
  5. hahah that's greeeed try to be safer next times and good luck
  6. Yeah that's really a nice one ! setting a goal and not being greedy can help us a lot
  7. The only advice that I can give to all new people in here is to play as much safe as you can. Don't go blind all-ins even in 1.1x games. Don't ever bet more then the 1/7 of your bank . Play a safe strategy that even if you loose won't get a lot of your money or make you even penniless. Discover your own method of playing and play it at you own terms. Happy Hunting All
  8. Maybe the only lucky thing is that I couldn't buy btc when it was like 15k$ for technical problems
  9. Just exchange with trusted people like @UltraChief ❤️ I really like that one
  10. Hey guys ! What kind of poker do u play ? I play holdem poker and I really enjoy it. Actually It's really famous in my country , Tunisia. What about you ?
  11. Hey guys, What do u expect for the final of the fifa world cup ? I expect that It'll be for France against England. What do u think ?
  12. There are already a lot of coins and a lot of competition in the market. Creating a coin now will be really hard unless u own a big company like facebook ...
  13. I think that it's just a waste of time. Faucets and browser mining are nothing and u'll get bored and get off it soon. Maybe the best idea is to get a lot of referrals if they give a good bonus
  14. Just stop using websites like this ! It's maybe even controlled by FBI or international hackers! who knows ? Use a website that has proven its confidentiality over the years and has no black past ...
  15. REALLY WOW ! we must take care from random software that comes in front of us Yesterday, I downloaded a PD bot to help create my own strategy to discover that it's actually mining my pc ... Just take care They are destroying our PCs
  16. I won a lot from @OlegBarca when he was streaming at PD not stake Thanks a lot oleg
  17. I sent my btc to a wrong btc adress 0.1 btc lost x))
  18. yeah maybe that's a better idea and so much fun too x)
  19. Thanks for your help. Actually, mining hardware are prohibited in my country The suffer is real
  20. Hello guys, Is bitcoin mining still profitable and safe as it was before ? Do anyone of you buy or use mining programs ? If yes, which one ?
  21. We should take the next opportunity we can't abandon it twice x))
  22. I think that u have just to ignore these persons. in every community this kind of people is trying to make it hard to have fun and enjoy the communication. But don't worry, if he continues to do so , he'll be surely banned
  23. I discovered btc when it's like under 100$. Really sorry I just thought it's a scam those days ...