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  1. OneHashis a mutual bitcoin betting platform meaning that users bet only against each other as opposed to playing against the bookmaker in more classical approach.

    so it contains a dice and a lot of options and markets and sports to play in.

    what do u think of it ? 

    Is it a good opportunity to make some money as we play against some "unlucky people" ?

  2. hey guys I figured out like an automatic bet method that is less risky and we can run it all the night without having a big fear to bust it all

    1.5x with a small starting ammount like ur balance/10k with 200% increase on loss 

    I made with it a lot of earnings and still working fine for me

    Hope I helped yaa guys 

    gl for all of yaa

  3. 1 minute ago, Br1 said:

    so you would choose to play on a site that have much higher house edge just because you can claim faucet (every hour) even you have balance? i see you are not there to gamble, but only to rape the faucet. i think freebitco.in is better for you xD

    I went from faucet to 50k in primedice and then lost it cauz i made a mistake n the bet balance :)

  4. 19 hours ago, DMTripp27 said:

    its fair but they also ahve a 5% house edge so there is never any reason to play there

    They give free faucet every hour 

    So it s a good place to start for those who cant deposit like me 

    1 minute ago, Br1 said:

    primedice gives much higher faucet amount every 3 mins. anymore reason why choose freebitco.in over primedice?

    It s not the same in primedice we can get it only if our balance is 0

  5. 1 minute ago, Br1 said:

    since you are already in the primedice forum, i assume you already know primedice so why play on a site white much higher house edge in the first place?

    Cuz I live in Tuniisa :') a country where we have no payment methods enabled to buy bitcoin ....

    Freebitco.in gives free faucet every uour so i can get a small ammount to start with :')

  6. On 3/22/2017 at 02:50, Tordz112125 said:

    I want to win big too but I always lose. So sad cannot get any Technics.

    U have to try techniques with small balance and then do it x) 

    and we have just to know when to stop 

    Pure gambling wont give ya anything bro :P

    hope i helped you