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  1. I went from faucet to 50k in primedice and then lost it cauz i made a mistake n the bet balance
  2. They give free faucet every hour So it s a good place to start for those who cant deposit like me It s not the same in primedice we can get it only if our balance is 0
  3. Cuz I live in Tuniisa :') a country where we have no payment methods enabled to buy bitcoin .... Freebitco.in gives free faucet every uour so i can get a small ammount to start with :')
  4. https://freebitco.in is a faucet website with a multiply btc option Is it fair ? thanks for registering from my link https://freebitco.in/?r=1053274
  5. U have to try techniques with small balance and then do it x) and we have just to know when to stop Pure gambling wont give ya anything bro hope i helped you
  6. can I buy balance in primedice ? Is that legit ?