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  1. 7 hours ago, BitCoinMNR0 said:

    ripple is the best long term anyways 500 is pretty small amount to invest in long term you need to take in calculation the opportunity cost then you see how much you loose exactly. good luck

    xrp is stable from like 3 months .. I think there is much win in long term


  2. 7 hours ago, tangere said:

    You should try the burst coin man. It is growing fast.

    I ll ask about it x)) thank u

    5 hours ago, mgod said:

     pick monero, the best in anonimity and most underrated coin atm. 

    yeah It s in my favourite altcoins <3 

    2 hours ago, btcAlice said:

    I suggest to invest in  Ethereum.

    The coin lost $100 in its price lately, so it's a good time to buy it right now, because the potential is great.

    But is it a good long term investment ?like after 10 years ..

  3. 2 hours ago, zkshawn said:

    I have tried this strategy already at first at work but in a long run I get bust. Now I am looking for another strat that I can use for profit... any suggestions?

    so soory bro :) hope u recover fast

    2 hours ago, kate3003 said:

    nice mate very risky but gonna keep it in mind to try it one of this days. 
    thanks xD


    risk is winning <3

    2 hours ago, boykamatis said:

    already tried this, i got 15 reds. boom! all my money wiped out xD

    u have anything better ?

    10 minutes ago, ktfor57 said:

    i think 100% is better on increase on loss

    u wont recover with 100% increase ... u ll loose a lot no chance

  4. I just think that now afther thousands or millions of years of humanity we should start speaking about Men not men and women ... every human has the right to do whatever he/she wants to and it s not to us to judge him/her.

    Just stop caring about what the society will think if i do that or say that ... 

    Live the life u want not what they fuckin want :)


  5. 18 minutes ago, Princess Hailey said:

    One way to increase your bitcoin with a minimal risk is by mining but in this case you gotta invest for software or hardware that you're using to mine GPU.

    Some ways increase your BITCOIN has a lot of risk, for example Sending them to one of those sites that offers to double your bitcoins for free or a ponzi/pyramid scheme. Pretty sure by the end of the day you'll be scam and it is a very risky Option

    How about playing in DIce Sites? same story i guess but its up to your goal, consider the odds in playing dice site its 50% 50%. High risk if you rage and loss the control. 

    Is there other option you guys can think of that can help you earn with low risk?


    winning with a minimum risk means minimum earning ...

    are u ok with that ?

  6. 3 minutes ago, visions said:

    better you try big payout with 3% 5% on loss good luck

    u can get even infinite reds with big payouts ... xD just wanted to share my favourite method 


    2 minutes ago, Morros said:

    If it works for you thats all that matters..GL & thanks for posting.

    ty bro hope winnings for ya <3