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  1. hey guys I am sahring my technique with you

    for the ones like me who have arround 100/200 k and don't know what to do 

    My strategy is starting with 5 satoshies with 70% luck 

    250%-300% on loose and 5%on win 

    stop it when u get a good win like between 100 and 500 satoshies ( don't greed ) 

    Please tell me if it worked for yaa <3

  2. 6 minutes ago, cryptsforum said:

    What a great question. Have u ever heard of beginners luck? I have. For some reason, unbeknownst to us it exist. You will often see this in a NEW strategy which you suddenly employ; Works great in beginning, then plummets... yep. So, what is the Peak, when does it happen, what do you do when it happens? Well my best advice is run your new strat just a few times and change strat. But even at this method, your strat may have a chance of an inverse relationship and plummet from the get go. So good luck and good betting.

    Good advice bro 

    I dont change my strategy only if i bust lol xD