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    Annie got a reaction from bigbrankx in Real Life Pictures!   
    Am not that beautiful 

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    Annie got a reaction from fabianabank in Real Life Pictures!   
    Am not that beautiful 

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    Annie got a reaction from CryptoDadlol in Real Life Pictures!   
    Am not that beautiful 

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    Annie got a reaction from Skilful in Just rolled 77 twice.. but....   
    I hit 77.77 some weeks ago with 1000 satoshi would have won d jackpot but it wasn't 77:77 twice in a roll, was so delighted until was told not twice in a roll, so painful
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    Annie got a reaction from CaptainLorca in Love vs. Money?   
    But the love you have cos of money isn't true love, when the money is gone so does the love gone also.
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    Annie got a reaction from jbenjaminy in What's the Closest You've Been to a Jackpot Win?   
    I once rolled 77.77, was very happy that have won the jackpot until was giving the news that must be hit twice in a roll. 
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    Annie got a reaction from Rene in What Christmas gift do you want this year   
    If u have it, hope u won't get greedy n burst d 1BTC
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    Annie got a reaction from enhuush in What Christmas gift do you want this year   
    But dreams come true.
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    Annie got a reaction from Murgi in Christmas   
    Merry Xmas n happy new year in advance
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    Annie got a reaction from jbenjaminy in Overview of My Strategy - "Small Risk, Big Rewards"   
    This ur strategy, must be with a high bankroll to use your strategy
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    Annie got a reaction from RevStardust in Real Life Pictures!   
    Am not that beautiful 

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    Annie got a reaction from merlyn22 in Real Life Pictures!   
    Am not that beautiful 

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    Annie got a reaction from CaptainLorca in Your Sexual Assault Experience   
    What really happened to me? There was a time was having accommodation issue,had no were to go to,so i went to visit a male friend of mine,we very closed n explained things to him if he can be of help. Luckily 4me he assist me. Ask me to move in with him for a while till I settled my accommodation probs. One particular day @night he just came over to were was sleeping n started touching my body, can't scream @d middle of d night. Was so mad @him started apologizing saying its d devil. In the morning he threw my belonging outside telling me to move out of the Ouse,I had to tell all our friends wat he has done,n the rest of out friends call him n told him y will he have to do that to his friend. So since then have not been so close to guys cos I believe they only after ur body nothing more. Not talking to all guys but those once m referring to know thereselves..
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    Annie got a reaction from RevStardust in Love vs. Money?   
    Awesome. I love this
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    Annie reacted to jimzonic in Question for the guys   
    Girls are need to be respected. Just say what ever you want but don't ever beat her up
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    Annie reacted to ullikah in btc forkening aug.1   
    To my humble opinion it has just one advantage, if that really will be the outcome or if its just a pretence to push something through that would allow an takeover of control over the whole bitcoin system.
    It's supposed to make transactions faster and solve the blockchain issue debate.
    If I may give my thoughts and suggestions...
    I think the BU fork will actually create more issues than it will solve.
    The SEDWIG approach could work but I doubt that as well.
    In any case we will soon see just another cryptocurrency that will create a very nasty debate about which is the "real" Bitcoin. BLA BLA BLA!
    At the end of the day its all just about power and profit...
    I would have chosen a completely different aproach to solve the transaction issue... without changing the software at all but to put a generally accepted cap on fees, fix them and streamline them. Also I would have changed the processing of transaction away from the fee amount to the unix timestamp it was issued and then process all transaction based on entry time as a cue. Case closed.

    The general "Faster, higher, further" attitude of people in general caused the cloggin in the first place. But that is something the majority doesn't really want to hear. They rather start a currency war then admitting that they are part of the problem. People pushing their transactions in front of others issued earlier by bidding a higher fee. I say "fucking wait till you next in line"...
    Anyways, back to the result: Bitcoin core will most likely survive because there are still enough supporters arround who will keep it running. Even if 90% of all Bitcoin miners will switch the remaining 10% will keep it going.. And herein lies a huge oportunity as well. The remaining miners will on the one hand have to take over the heavy responsibilty of carring the whole Bitcoin system weight but at the same time earn huge rewards for it in mining provit when the majority of miners will break away because the provit share split will be significantly higher.

    I have my Bitcoin core running and my GPU miner and I'm one of those who will remain in the Bitcoin Core. Going by the statements of most of the Exchanges that will be the best choice for the time being and if this decission of all these exchanges will be final Bitcoin Unlimited will have a hard time starting up... No exchange, no chance to cash out, no value...
    My advice to everyone being interested in preserving their Bitcoin assets and keep them would be to get a Bitcoin Core hardware Wallet and a miner to help confirming transactions and to keep the system alive. Everyone who does will help making Bitcoin even stronger than it already is and we all will see a unparalleled increase in value after an initial shortterm decrease...
    Good day.
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    Annie got a reaction from Rene in Bisexual rights   
    Do bisexual people deserve rights?
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    Annie reacted to ravenyvolle in Favourite Forum Member?   
    There are a lot of forum members that i like:) 
    I like the creativity of @Cordiceps, informative posts of @maverick528, @3mily, @mmhaimhai and @Dan, entertaining posts of @Bes19, @JstLikeMagyk & @Annieand streamers too like @Carollzinha, @OlegBarca and @YashBitCoin.
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    Annie reacted to Hakar_yusuf in Who is that ?   
    Guys who know who is that?

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    Annie got a reaction from Cordiceps in IF YOU GET OFFENDED I COULDNT CARE LESS   
    Awesome meme, keep it up dude 
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    Annie got a reaction from Bes19 in Giveaway #1 69.69   
    U welcome, now let's start rolling, either win/lose just roll 69.69 once
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    Annie reacted to maverick528 in I am Annie   
    Some PD users that are girls (and Im sure I´ll forget a lot) = Carollzinha, 3mily, Maliafka, Kate3003, Bes, Jenn, Danica, Prinzsarhea, Xlittlegirly, Oodlecoins, ravenyvolly, Neya, Connesa, LadyLovelynn, mmhaimhai, maariiaagg, renxxzybtc, 00sofia00, trisha22, labilaabs, RabMalfoy,PrincessHailey, Nimfomamka and a lot more, and of course in support Mirela, Bojana and Irena.
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    Annie got a reaction from Cordiceps in PrimeDice based Memes   
    @Cordiceps very nice, it's funny keep it up ???
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    Annie reacted to maverick528 in Setting the correct multiplier on PD   
    Setting the right multiplier on PD

    On Primedice the multiplier must be between 1.01202X and 9900X.

    Below you can see the table of the optimum multiplers that are greater than 900X. 
    If you use any multiplier greater than 900X that is different from the values of this table, the predicted payout on PD webpage will be wrong.
    So, use only the multipliers listed below.
    It doesn´t matter if your rolling manual or auto, big amounts or just 1 satoshi, if you are lucky or not. 
    It applies to all cases.
    (I will probably later add tables for lower multipliers, as soon as I have some free time).

    Hope that you enjoy and use this information.
    If you see any mistake or need further clarification, just ask.
    And remember that using high multipliers apparently is not the best way to bet, you can see the reasons on my other post "Understanding PD house edge".
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    Annie got a reaction from maverick528 in I am Annie   
    Hello everyone my name is Annie, I'm 21years, love making new friends and I love gambling, Is somehow weird 4 a lady to gamble, but my best hobby is also gambling.  Thanks hope to enjoy the community