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  1. No matter the crash, not seeing bitcoin going to 500$. It's not possible.
  2. Welcome to the Community, hope you enjoyed your stay in the community.
  3. Annie

    Love vs. Money?

    Lol But the love you have cos of money isn't true love, when the money is gone so does the love gone also.
  4. Is masturbation a sin to God or not a sin.
  5. According to the topic, you can become a millionaire with PD within a year and can also be very poor to the extent of you been bankruptcy. It all depends on yourself on what n what to do to be a millionaire or been poor. Just don't be greedy.
  6. In my own opinion, if you don't need d money now, u can still hold on to the coin a little bit longer cos u might not know Wat may happen by tomorrow. Always use bitcoin as an example ???
  7. I believe duckdice site is good also
  8. Welcome to the community.
  9. Haven't try this strat at all. Gonna give it a try
  10. Was told about PD from a friend who love casino gambling.
  11. Before I play, I check my bankroll and decide how much I wanna win for that time in gambling, if I reach the amount am expecting I STOP. And also if I burst my balance I STOP gambling until I have another balance. That's how I stop
  12. Using this strat for some times now n working for me 61% on win chance or 1.6payout 300% on loss Any amount on base bet. don't be greedy always have a daily target
  13. U lieing cos to me, if am not greedy after 10btc, I may not stop gambling but gonna withdraw 9btc n risk playing with 1btc