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  1. First, i will thank our creator even if it is came from gambling. I will consider it as a blessing. And then im going to resign right away from my work..Buy a house and lot, put a business, save a big part of it for the future and for the education of my child and giving tip to other member of PD.
  2. Welcome to primedice Makikwarta..Hope u enjoy your stay here.
  3. jerlen17


    Welcome here Nabana and best luck to you
  4. Welcome to PD fdawg007..more luck to your rolling.
  5. Hi there! From Philippines. New here and joined last june 22. Trying to meet new friends and wanted to learn everything bout PD. Thank you in advance to someone who will shares their knowledge or strategies on how to earn coins.
  6. Hello gladys06! Welcome to PD..
  7. Wow! Nice to hear your story about on how to earned 0.2btc a month..And thank you for sharing your ideas and strategies..so inspiring.
  8. Wow! Congratulations! You're such a lucky girl..hope to hit you again the next time you roll.
  9. Thak you Sir Dan for sharing this information for us to guide on posting..
  10. Username: jerlen17 Joined date: 06.22.2017
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    hit 9900x

    Congrats girl! Ur such a lucky girl???
  12. Ako nagsusugal lang kami kapag nagkatipon tipon ang family minsan kung mabuo kapag may gathering lang. Dahil sa busy na rin sa kanya kanyang work kaya madalang magkasama sama. And once pa lang nagtry online sa halagang 5.00php out of curiosity.
  13. Thank you for the information.
  14. Thank you for sharing these kind of article. Very informative and helpful. We must know the effect and the benefits of sex.