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  1. where is the best place to buy BTC in USA?
  2. Caashia

    Book club

    What is everyone reading. I just read The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck in one sitting. It was an easy ready, but loved the message it had. Anyone else reading some good books they would like to share?
  3. How do you cope with things internally from external forces or factors? Sometimes, there is a part of ourselves that gets down or negative, which is completely fine and normal, but do you find that your mind can easily overcome the problems you are faced with, if not what are the way in which you cope when things get difficult in your life? In relation to Bitcoin, especially since there are so many ups and downs, how do you deal with it? Does it affect your mental state, what are the ways in which you deal with the volatility of it all?
  4. Bitcoin certainly has the network effect in that it's the most widely used cryptocurrency now. But in terms of privacy some of the alt coins may be a better choice, Monero, Dash, Z Cash to name a few. I'm looking for objective information like this https://moneroforcash.com/monero-vs-dash-vs-zcash-vs-bitcoinmixers.php From a privacy standpoint, it looks like Monero is better than Dash or ZCash. Any objective info that would counter this viewpoint?
  5. Do you find that less developed countries are actually healthier? Less developed places seem to eat more farm fresh foods, there are less supermarkets with packaged foods. Obviously in more developed places you have more of a choice, but could that be detrimental to making healthier choices?
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    Could Marijuana be from another planet? http://dabsmagazine.com/featured/read-some-insane-theories-about-how-weed-came-from-an-alien-planet/
  7. One could argue that investments are gambling...so is bitcoin gambling in your opinion? What do you think?
  8. Anyone use any Bitcoin cards? If so, any that you recommend? One with the lowest fees perhaps?
  9. Do condoms really take away feeling during intercourse? A lot of sources say that is just a myth, and its used as an excuse for a guy to not wear a condom... What is the real reason behind men not wearing condoms? If some say it doesn't affect pleasure at all and some say it takes away the feeling? On the flip side women feel confused if a guy refuses to wear a condom because they wonder about their values about safety and prevention of STD's
  10. There was a time where Bitcoin was not even on the radar, it was a novel idea that was primarily used by thieves and drug dealers on the dark web. Nothing to be afraid of in terms of holding a monopoly on money. However, that same little upstart is now disrupting the system of things; from Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, ICOs and the ever impressive Blockchain technology. This is now a legitimate threat on traditional banks. Banks have existed unchallenged for hundreds of years, and that is the key issue here; Bitcoin, backed by a solid platform such as Blockchain technology, is a ghost that is incredibly hard to control due to its decentralized nature. The power and control of money is being ripped away from traditional institutions, which can also be seen on Wall Street. Some of these traditional investors are siding with what could be the future, while others vehemently denounce it. Individuals can now enter into direct peer-to-peer trusted exchanges with strangers. They no longer need a central institution to vouch for the other party. Just like the fax machine, the library, even metered taxis, new technologies have come along and made others obsolete. Banks are now in the sights of Bitcoin and are in their death throws, as they lash out with the power of states behind them. However, there’s no stopping progress, and even with state-backed regulations trying to wrestle the money of the people under control, banks have every reason to be nervous. Full news https://www.cointelegraph.com/news/why-big-banks-are-so-nervous-about-bitcoin
  11. I have read that 21M BTC was originally created, and we currently acquired 16.6M BTC. What will happen to the value of bitcoin as we approach the 21M BTC? and what will happen if we reach 21M BTC?
  12. I've been watching and monitoring bitcoin for close to 3 or 4 years and I can say this year has been the best year for the crypto and all the investors in the market, firstly, the coin witnessed unpredicted increase in value this year more than any other year before. I know that the value is based on the principle of demand and supply but I'd like to know what else contributed to the price value and the popularity bitcoin has right now globally.
  13. What has been your most significant life lesson you have learned so far?
  14. Does anyone have any idea how many people are using gold as a store of value vs btc? And how long do you think until we have the same user Base as holders of gold?
  15. We all know that there is corruption everywhere, like in government or any other organization. Because of money, corruption can always happen through greed. Since bitcoin may be considered as money, can it also lead to corruption?
  16. Doesn't Bitcoin unfairly benefit early adopters? Yes or No?
  17. I know it can be tough to watch women play sport since I find men are generally better at sport, however if you had to choose which is your favourite women's sport to watch?
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    Hey this is for you GUYS I had a a recent gf tell me about her experience with her bf and she felt so awkward about it. she told me that he masturbated beside her, after they had been fooling around and having sex, to finish himself off. If you were a girl what would you do? and as a guy do you find that normal? Masturbation is one of the most taboo topics, should it be so awkward..?
  19. Caashia

    Gender equality

    Do you think that men and woman are treated equally in society? Are we still living in a patriarchal society? if not , what are the ways you suggest to promote equality in society ? Do you even believe in equality? If you are woman, do you feel uncomfortable at times if there are sexual comments or offensive inferior male dominated behaviour? Do you ignore it and let it continue or do you draw the line early on? Is it better to draw the line or do you see it as stupid and unequivocal and see it as 'their' problem if they want to act that way and carry on? Is there some other way to overcome disrespect, is it even disrespectful? Is gender equality some sort of intellectual term that creates a divide? I believe travelling and first hand experience gives you a good perspective on different cultures and how each one is different, some can be quite chauvinistic; not saying all men are, but it has varying degrees of intensity, especially in a patriarchal societies.
  20. With bitfinx shutting down its service and coinbase being priced very high which other service do you use?
  21. I am reading Deepak Chopra and I found his topic on the 7 stages of a relationship to be very interesting. The 7 stages are as follows; 1. Attraction 2. Infatuation 3. Communion 4. Intimacy 5. Surrender 6. Passion 7. Ecstacy They say most people can never get past communion and that's the point when a relationship becomes hard to sustain. Do you find these stages accurate? Do you hope to find someone that you can reach all stages with?
  22. https://www.businessinsider.com.au/rba-says-bitcoin-and-other-digital-currencies-have-limited-used-for-transactions-2017-10 According to sources in Aus, they don't seem too set on incorporating BTC in everyday normal transaction anytime soon, with this in mind do you think BTC has more of a future with small transactions in lesser developed countries? I just don't see how developed countries with stricter governments and regulation would let it take over. I think its perhaps more progressive for less developed countries...but maybe I'm wrong.
  23. https://www.wired.com/story/i-forgot-my-pin-an-epic-tale-of-losing-dollar30000-in-bitcoin/ after reading this...have any of you experienced something similar, are you afraid of something like this happening? What do you do to prevent the loss of bitcoin if you just can't remember?
  24. Yesterday, scientists discovered a vast supply of gold on the far side of the universe. The extraordinary hoard is the result of a huge collision between two ultra-dense neutron stars. The resulting gravitational waves and radiation flash were picked up by powerful detectors and telescopes on Earth and in orbit. The explosion happened 130 million years ago in the Hydra constellation, which is so far away that the light and the ripples in space and time have only just reached us. The gold created by the blast is estimated to weigh more than the whole of the Earth’s mass. Huge quantities of platinum, uranium and other heavy elements such as lead were also created. Scientists not only 'heard' the phenomenon by measuring vibrations in space-time, they also used satellite and ground-based telescopes to see light and radiation pouring out of the stellar fireball, dubbed a 'kilonova'. Excited astronomers talked of opening a 'new chapter in astrophysics' and unlocking a 'treasure trove' of new science. The discovery will help scientists better understand the inner workings and emissions of neutron stars, as well as more fundamental physics such as general relativity and the expansion of our universe. One scientists suggests the event 'will be remembered as one of the most studied astrophysical events in history.' 21,000,000 Vs infinite amount of gold. find more than 21M Bitcoins. I copied this from dailymail Uk. Bitcoin @$10,000 first month of 2018.