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  1. loveable Primedicer: @Athena2007 Favorite Primedice chat user:@singpays he's always respectful Most influential Primedicer:@dboyeric Best Primedice moderator: @robear he's amazing and always calm Funniest Primedice support member: dont know, I have no sense of humour Favorite Primedice support member: @Darko Favorite Primedice admin:@Edward
  2. I will definitely withdraw 0.9bts and play with the rest of the 0.1
  3. My Christmas wish is to have just 1 btc so i can play with it on PD. That has been my wish for over a year now. Hopefully i get it this year.
  4. Nope absolutely not. You can only withdraw after you make a deposit. So if you by some miracle male your 10sats into a million, i guess it wont be too much to ask to deposit a few sats in order to withdraw your winnings.
  5. username on cryptocompare: renxxzybtc primedice username: renxxzybtc Thank you for the giveaway.
  6. I just returned to primedice, What happened with the satoshis we had before? I had over 200,000, but now 297.Could someone pls explain. Sorry if im taking us all back, I have been away for so long, just need to catch up.
  7. I still have not figured out how to protect against greed. I guess that's the ultimate protection against busting.....DON'T be greedy!
  8. I think you can use the google authenticator, that's usually the best option. Though, its tedious and could sometimes lock you out of your account, as long as it keeps the bad guys out.
  9. Winning this one is a really long shot...but let's see.
  10. I wish you good luck ravey, I hope you can stick to your strategy. Looking good so far!!
  11. I think this is a good suggestion, never thought of it this way, but it sure does make sense. Heck, even 20btc is a heck of a lot of money right now. voted!!
  12. I don't think either works, best to just roll and if you're lucky you win. So true on not changing good seeds. If you get a seed that helps you win big depending on your strategy, never change it. I learned the hard way.
  13. Happy birthday to you my good friend. Wish you many more happy years. Good luck with the roll. 55.60 Pd: renxxzybtc
  14. Hi guys and ladies, needless to say, I lost the 33k, but that was because I got greedy and impatient at a point and decided to go all in....then bust. But I will try this again when I'm done with my exams, and with real balance and see how it goes