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    Tintin got a reaction from Bojana in Real Life Pictures!   
    Beautiful Bojana
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    Tintin got a reaction from singpays in Real Life Pictures!   
    Beautiful Bojana
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    Tintin reacted to Betwrong in What did you do to your first win here on PD?   
    My biggest single win was around 0.01 BTC which I won making just the 24th bet with 9900x. Yes, I will remember this forever I guess, because it was my birthday and it was a nice Birthday Gift for me from PD. )
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    Tintin reacted to Zoltan in 30 day fittness challenge   
    Good luck! I already restarted the hard plan 2, TWICE  Some would think it gets easier, but it doesn't
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    Tintin reacted to CryptoDadlol in What is the highest multiplier you had?   
    Then tilted it all in about 5 minutes the next day.

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    Tintin reacted to Pandemonium in What is the highest multiplier you had?   
    I've hit 9900x many times, biggest one has been a while back with 5k satoshi. One of the recent ones was this one.
    21751926591 placed by Pandemonium Wagered: 0.00001000 Payout: 9900.00x Profit: 0.09899000 Well recent, little over a month ago I just saw.
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    Tintin reacted to athena2007 in What is the highest multiplier you had?   
    9900x  10 days ago only 58 sats but i was happy with that as i was lookin for it and it and it was off faucet..lol would like a 1k on that for a nice tickle though . maybe next time 
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    Tintin got a reaction from athena2007 in 🎲 Dice Variations   
    I don’t like the sphere as well, maybe a different one, Like the one just shake and throwing the dice in the table 🎲 🎲 
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    Tintin got a reaction from athena2007 in [Challenge] 100k Satoshi to 1 BTC in 38 Days.   
    Good luck @Dan!Hope you win. 
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    Tintin got a reaction from athena2007 in What did you do to your first win here on PD?   
    Hey primedice friends and rollers!
    It’s great to remember your first win,right? Primedice was my first gambling site and its a great feeling to won and withdraw. What I did to my first win was just saved a few and bought something for me ofc. 
    So I wanna know what was your experience here? What did you do to your first win here on Primedice? Hope you still remember. 
    Good luck everyone!
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    Tintin reacted to dmbadillo10 in What did you do to your first win here on PD?   
    Mine was basic.
    I withdrawn my winnings and kept.it on wallet. Eventually, i deposited again thinking I could win more. 😂
    It was just like 700k or so. 😏
    Felt good when I first won and pulled out. 👍👍👍
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    Tintin reacted to Bojana in Real Life Pictures!   
    @stimubate, thanks for the rework 

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    Tintin got a reaction from fabianabank in Real Life Pictures!   
    This is me. 🤣 i love my hair. 

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    Tintin got a reaction from Bojana in Real Life Pictures!   
    This is me. 🤣 i love my hair. 

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    Tintin reacted to Bojana in Why Is Six In Love with Nine?   
    There is only one PD legend that is more famous than the love of these two - the legend about 6 and 7 and the beef they had in the past. Love story of 6 and 9 has been neglected due to this meaningless war going on, and same as Romeo and Juliet, they never got the spotlight and managed to live happily ever after.

    Six loved nine’s huge intellect and nine loved six’s perfect booty… They were accused of performing the unspeakable acts, environment badmouthed them and was green with envy; six was left alone many times due to this injustice, but 9 never stopped loving it, even at times they were apart.

    After the final battle between seven and six, seven’s unspeakable viciousness and stealing former lover, six was desperate and went to look for shelter with the only person trusted enough… you guessed right, it was old, good and smarty-pants nine. 6 and 9 were meant for each other even though everything was working against them, somehow they fitted perfectly, like yin and yang, like day and night, like milk and honey…

    They decided to seal the deal, but not in the old-fashioned way, their love was epic and out of this world to be solely crowned with marriage… no, they wanted to be remembered well…

    Lovers drove to the highest cliff at the brink of the city, the Crown Mountain, and brought a pair of dice with them. They were tired of fighting and justifying their love to the others… “If the dice lands on the snake eyes, we jump! If it lands on anything else, anything at all, we live to see another day. Will you die for me, six?” asked nine, “Always and forever”, responded six without hesitation.

    The dice were thrown and the destiny was cruel… Cruel or just, it made this love story more epic than any other. From the ground of the cliff of the Crown Mountain, snake eyes were staring from the grass right into them… Six and nine shared their last kiss and jumped into the oblivion. Their bodies were never found… Some say they never made it to the ground, but got wings mid-way and flew to a better place. Some say, the tide of the sea under the cliff still can’t wash out the shame and blood down below.

    On the top of the Crown Mountain the monument of this love still remains. Primedice was founded as a reminder of this legend and as a worship of tragic love. Dice got their Crown and the lore still remains, stronger than ever. It will be told to generations to come… love of 6 and 9 will never be even and equal to any other…

    Legend written by @Bojana and illustrations and song composed by @stimubate ♥
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    Tintin reacted to Bojana in Meet the Filipino Food   
    I lolled really hard on this one, this is how I found out about the balut 1st, then I had to google further
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    Tintin got a reaction from Bojana in Meet the Filipino Food   
    I would love to share this one here too. 
    Traveling is a great way to relax and witness the other culture in every country. As we travel, it is not only the places that we want to see but also taste the cuisine or dishes in each country or places that we visit. 
    So let me take you to Philippines and indulge what it has to offer.
    The Filipino food is influenced by many cultures, mainly Malay, Spanish and Chinese cultures.
    Three hundred years of Spanish rule had a strong influence on the food in the Philippines: The Spanish brought with them their own cuisine and many of these foods were adopted into the Filipino diet.
    This colonization had a major impact on Filipino cuisine and have improved its taste buds as people loves to explore when it comes to food.
    So I would like to introduce some of our dishes that  you may want to try. 
    1. Adobo
    Adobo refers to a method of marinating and stewing any cut of meat or fish in a briny mixture of vinegar, soy sauce, and spices.

    2. Lechon
    Lechon is a roasted whole pig slowly cooked over charcoal heat. It’s crispy skin  will keep you eating more! 

    3. Isaw
    Isaw is a street food from the Philippines, made from barbecued pig or chicken intestines it goes well with vinegar mixed with garlic,onion,pepper,salt, vinegar and chillies or as they call it sinamak.

    4. Halo - halo
    Halo-halo Ideally, it’s a layered dessert consisting of shaved ice, evaporated milk, ice cream, and variety of different mix-ins such as kaong (sweet palm fruit), macapuno (silky coconut), langka (jackfruit), munggo (mung beans), saba (fat banana variety), ube(purple yam), mais (corn), nata de coco(coconut gelatin), pinipig (crisped rice), sago (pearls similar to boba). 

    5. Puto
    Puto is a type of steamed rice cake usually served as snack or as accompaniment to savory dishes such as dinuguan or pancit. Now there are many variations and flavor for puto like leche puto, puto cheese and even chocolate flavored one. 

    6. Balut
    Of course I will include Balut🤣 
    Balut is  A Filipino delicacy also known as fertilized duck egg has nutrients that is beneficial to the body the reason why you should include it in your diet. 

    So whenever you travel to Philippines, you may want to taste some of these in your list. 
    Can you share some of the food you like in other countries? 
    What is your favorite food in your country?
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    Tintin got a reaction from Bojana in Why Is Six In Love with Nine?   
    Superb indeed. Tap on your back 
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    Tintin got a reaction from Darko in Why Is Six In Love with Nine?   
    Superb indeed. Tap on your back 
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    Tintin got a reaction from merlyn22 in Imbistasyon sa stake forum   
    Hi ate. Hindi ko po alam, Iask nyo po sa support ate. Sa email nyo kaya itry nyo yung forgot password baka may link sa email add na ginamit nyo po
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    Tintin reacted to Dan in Add an ICO section   
    Thanks for the suggestion, I have now added the discussion area for ICO's.
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    Tintin reacted to Bojana in Add an ICO section   
    Moved, it is a legit suggestion and I hope @Dan adds it up, it would be a great addition to the Forum  
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    Tintin got a reaction from Bojana in Add an ICO section   
    I would to suggest to also put an ICO section in the Cryptocurrency Board. Stake have this one too so I was wondering why it doesn’t exist here.
    I think it would add a clean visual look since most under ICo are full of topics of airdrops with so many referral links too. Hope Ico section can me made so it will not be confusing to existing coins (altcoins section)
    thank you😘❤️
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    Tintin reacted to Kargai in What kind of training do you prefer?   
    I work stand up. Enough sport for the day. And when i'm feeling really strong I walk to the store, 25 m from my appartment.
    More seriously i was used to run a lot (obstacles races, semi-marathon, trial, etc.) but totally stopped since i'm in cryptos. Because i'm all-in in it, i'll start sport again at the end of 2018 when i'll be millionaire. 
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    Tintin reacted to Bojana in 5th task for ALA - Goku's PD song :)   
    Goku said he can rap too, so he is open for any duet at this point  
    Exactly, doesn't have to be all of us, but if we gather 10 ppl ready to sing and show their face on camera, we're good  Looking forward to this one  
    Once again, welcome to ALA, @Tintin, happy to have you here on the team 

    Yeah, we have been conducting this Forum Races a second week now, if all are in favor, we will soon do it on Stake Forum as well ♥ 
    That was kinda the idea, Cap  
    Uuuuummmm.... eerrrrm... *hides forever*  I'm bashful, timid, coy and shy