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    Try to visit indonesia

    Go to Bali or lombok. it's the best a place.


    Yes, I already had a lot of people offering bali! Have you already been there?



    Yes, I've already in a few weeks ago.

    Bali and Lombok, If you want go to lombok, the best place is Gilitrawangan (Search on google about this)


  2. Hey Mr. ED seems like i got a 200 posts here xD. tnx for the giveaway



    Username: Tipsidy

    Posts:  201 (18.273 per day)



    But you need 10 topics made.

    you are eligble if you have over 200 post and 10 topics.  ;D

  3. for me i see Indonesia is Nice place for tourists & And learn about nature

    I have a family there from my grandmother , I am not an Indonesian , but I love nature

    Someday I'll go there :)



    The best place in indonesia is Bali and Lombok

    Many of people or Tourists came to this place. This is a great place.