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  1. You are right. I check in your profile and you have already made it before Total Topics Started:26 topics https://forum.primedice.com/index.php?action=profile;area=statistics;u=210 I guess, you are eligible now. Cheers!
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    Yes, I already had a lot of people offering bali! Have you already been there? Yes, I've already in a few weeks ago. Bali and Lombok, If you want go to lombok, the best place is Gilitrawangan (Search on google about this)
  3. Create a new thread about gambling, bitcoin, altcoin or anything. ;D Remember, don't spamming. lol
  4. grandFX


    Try to visit indonesia Go to Bali or lombok. it's the best a place.
  5. But you need 10 topics made. you are eligble if you have over 200 post and 10 topics. ;D
  6. Who's the winner? Congratulations for the winnner.
  7. Ane paling tinggi cuma dapat 99x aja itupun cm bet beberapa ribu satoshi aja. tp lumayan sih dapatnya.
  8. Buat agan2 yg punya informasi tentang coin ico yg msh berjalan jgn lupa share disini ya Biar gak telat dapat informasi klo ada yg buka coin jenis ico.
  9. Sudah masuk market klo EDG cek disini https://etherdelta.github.io
  10. Winner! Thanks everyone else, great entries Congrats Vader.
  11. Good to hear it. All the best of you.
  12. hi, RGBKey Welcome to primedice forum Nice to meet you. Have a nice day.
  13. Hi roundebran Welcome to primedice forum. Nice to meet you too. Let us know, where do you come from? Regards!
  14. Hi stardust Welcome to primedice forum Have a nice day.
  15. ane dah jual sih gan di rate 40k kecepatan jualnya ternyata masih up terus. bisa jadi tembus lagi ke 50k ne. :-\
  16. Ane jg milih coin yg lain buat di tradingin lumayan bs nambah2 btc d wallet.
  17. The best place in indonesia is Bali and Lombok Many of people or Tourists came to this place. This is a great place.
  18. Read Rules: You must have your entry in before midday (GMT) the 25th of March. Any entries after that will not be counted.
  19. Pernah dulu dapat 1 btc an di gambling aja itu yg paling tinggi se sampai sekarang jarang lagi dapat segitu. ;D
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    I am Milan

    Hi Milan Nice to meet you All the best of you.
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    I am Mirela

    Hi Mirela you are so cute! Nice to meet you
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    Welcome mate to primedice forum the same here, I am from indonesia too. Nice to meet you here. Wish all the best of you.