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  1. Haha
    Blindme got a reaction from athena2007 in What would you do if you´ve got mistipped a big amount like happened to me today?   
    You know I thought it would be interesting to make the person sweat but then I know if I sent it by mistake, I would want it back instantly. Life comes back around and its best to do whats right by you and others, no other way to live with out regret.
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    Blindme got a reaction from Robear in I wanna Cry //So sad Comments in chat   
    Bit of a rant so be warned...
    Last few days I have been watching streams and sitting up in PD chat being a typical blindman. My issue is the players that repeatedly state they are so sad or crying to get a player to tip them. 
    For the longest time I thought these people could be in emotional distress and needed a shoulder to lean on talk it out. It never fails that they ignore me asking if they are ok and proceed to go on a self pity dance through chat. It also seems to become like a disease and more accounts start circle jerking each other to get a tip.
    Can we agree to stop doing this, life is a lot bigger than a damn faucet and luck will hit us all eventually. So please just stop crying in chat, its depressing to read and I am tempt to just put people on ignore that proceed to do that this day forward.
    Any thoughts on this issue?
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    Blindme got a reaction from MegaBetzZz in Primedice Nightmode Survey   
    Will use it solely for a week and see if it helps, for a time I was about to buy those gunnar(sp.) glasses for gamers to help my headaches caused by eye strain. Will see how that goes for me.
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    Blindme got a reaction from kivi489 in (week 2) Bitace 300mbtc Freeroll,Jul 10 2017 4:00 AM..   
    Affiliate tourneys are only free to people that do not attract new members, anyone that actually brings in new players is going to lose all affiliate payments to bitace because that is the deal. So you may think it is free but it is not. 
    My whole point is you detract value to the tourney by letting every Tom Dick and Harry know when it is on. If you take a look at the Monday Nitro freeroll and the Friday Nitro freeroll, you will see what I am driving at. Besides the fact that a lot of cheats play multiple accounts.
    Simple reasoning:
    Do you have a better chance of cashing at 200 players or 600 players?
    Thats my point.
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    Blindme reacted to Isildur in HungerGames: Q&A + Whitelist&Blacklist   
    HG has been hold for while now because of issues and reasons, some of them being personal, some of them not being personal, won't go into depth about it. 
    There was a point were some of the funds got stolen/lost/missing, but that has been paid back out of my own pocket and no, I didn't take the bacon for myself.
    As everyone knows HG was thought out by ledust, he started working on the code, and unixpunk finished it and has always done the  updates as well.
    For those that don't know, there came a point where HG got stale, there wasn't enough coin to run it continually, the players spammed ledust and unixpunk till the point of them not wanting to run it anymore. API was also changing a lot back then* etc.
    I spoke to ledust and unix about taking it off of their hands, so they could rest a while and they agreed. Since then I've primarily been running it and talking to unixpunk and bojana about the updates where they are needed. (just some history for context)
    Bojana has put in a lot of effort to get HG steady funds, so every time you see it being tipped by one of the support, that's because of her. She has helped weed out many abusers and leeches and has been very active in this regard.
    So if you are added in the whitelist or have played it before, always remember to say thanks to the *Fathers* of HG, and the *mother of dragons* in helping with it all.. Ledust, UnixPunk, bojana..
    Most of the problems are sorted out and we will be running it again. Will handle or try to handle any new ones that come along. The update that I was hoping for, hasn't happened yet, but fingers crossed, it might still come
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    Blindme reacted to DMTripp27 in I've come back to PD   
    I have decided to make a return to PD not sure if it is to gamble or just catch up with some old friend and meet some new ones. However i would like to make this a interactive diary of sorts as a way to track my win and losses by the day if i do. plus people can get to know me and ask me any questions they might have. Give it a more personal touch.
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    Blindme got a reaction from UltraChief in Forum users stand on non-collateral loans   
    Lets just presume that most users will not be have had the experience of navigating multiple loans. Therefore we should protect them from potential issues by having standards in place to protect them from being exploited. Sad fact is scammers are active and will come at you from multiple sides probing for that weak spot.
    The trader feedback is still early in its venture and a nice reference. My only issue with it is this forum has a very open you scratch my back I will scratch yours mentality. My example would be the referral links people post here without investigating the site they are trying to make money off of. Setting those that click up to be robbed of time or even bitcoin.  Earlier on I watched a lot of liking and upgrading of posts by a group of friends to get into certain promotions at the time. So the issue of it being so blatant and no qualms of how that may look means we need even stronger safeguards.
    Far to many accounts are allowed to post without linking there PD account and that should be step one for any loans.
    The issue of long game scams is a issue that I think falls more on the lender. They should not allow themselves to be exposed to such a level and control their level of risk. Not saying its all their fault but they are alone at the end of the day with being scammed.
    Its funny this post came up, I was trying to figure out what I had for collateral myself for a bitcointalk loan which is near impossible to get. If we mirror them to some extent it should be gravy.
    P.s Think multiple loans from one lender also should not give the green light to like sized loans with a new lender as it could be one person lending to self in hopes of scamming unsuspecting lenders.
    Think UltraChief knows what he is doing though, I am more worried about the people that pop up behind thinking its a easy game.
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    Blindme reacted to Milan in Hotkeys   
    Spacebar works that way, if you have something highlighted with your mouse and you press spacebar, it will do that action. For example, if you last clicked on x2 and your mouse is still on x2 and when you press the spacebar it will multiply your bet x2 again. This only goes if your mouse cursor is on that button, moving. If it stands still, it should not work. 
    Edit: I think there is a way to disable spacebar as your browser hotkey, not sure. Google it.  
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    Blindme got a reaction from Bojana in Hunger Games - no more 10k chat msgs eligibilty   
    The chat requirements had to be changed, to many folks where realizing they could spam chat to get 10k posts in a very short time. Still see Chinese chat being used for that by Russian players for some reason, maybe they got a similar game. Chat has kind of been toxic at some points in the day and I can not put my finger on why that is, sometimes I feel like its a soft troll when I see every third player using a racist term that I am not fond of. Other times its just plain beggar heaven and annoying. Maybe I am jaded.
    @Kargai Like that gif, makes me want a bunny.
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    Blindme got a reaction from Dan in Web page crashed   
    Said I won jackpot and then screen froze on me, hope I can collect.
    p.s Congrats to me on 600th spam!
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    Blindme got a reaction from rembo2 in Church and Bitcoin   
    My bent on religion might make me biased but I compare this to allowing anti abortionists setup a bitcoin donation line. Being that I wanted bitcoin to disrupt the current financial setup and eliminate a strangle hold by the rich, this religious aspect sours me to some extent. See religion as a control and therefore think its not a good thing.
    Other hand says its good for adoption but when I see the pope signing a white and gold ferrari it troubles me giving religious groups more options to create funds.

    Each his own, do not take this as a personal slight, just a opinion and I am a asshole.
  12. Confused
    Blindme got a reaction from 19bani85 in WHY DO WE GET BUSTED?????   
    This is my pattern and I talked to others to see if its similar.
    - I deposit and go up a small amount
    - WIthin 5 minutes I lose about half my deposit
    - Spend 2 hours getting lose back to be even
    - Go slightly up again
    - Lose half
    - Get tilted after doing process a few times
    - Lose roll
    I am pretty superstitious about somethings and people begging me well on a bad roll tilts me as well.
    But the brain naturally looks for patterns and when it can not find one, it interjects one that helps you make sense of things.
    Kind of the same way our eyes only see three colours.
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    Blindme got a reaction from MrKnight8686 in 0.00015->0.0043 - Today is so lucky!!   
    Yeah thats the amount I usually go a little over aggressive and spew back to the site. Good run and smart taking it out.
  14. Haha
    Blindme got a reaction from Ssociety in New army recruits welcome!!   
    Army from another planet? Sound nefarious and I better report this to my fellow lizard people, so we can get this under control.
    Welcome all the same.
  15. Haha
    Blindme got a reaction from athena2007 in New SCRIPT for dicebot win 100%   
    Waiting for the 120% version and then I will buy if still available,100% is to close to what I run right now.
  16. Haha
    Blindme got a reaction from Bojana in Rescue kittens   
    Had to look that reference up, damn Harry Potheads! That is very creepy watching that snake, I bet I dream about snakes tonight!
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    Blindme got a reaction from Ssociety in Sleep Cycle   
    Know a guy that attempted this cycle and it slowly burnt him out.
    Would not mess with sleep cycles, as its one reason people die young. The brain actually is being flushed like a oil chang well you sleep. Bulletproof coffee has a forum for body/mind hacking that covers this issue.
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    Blindme got a reaction from RabMalfoy in 🏆 Keep Primedice Forum Alive - Giveaway!   
    I think a lot of in the community are confused by the whole Stake/PD dynamics and choose to be less active due to that. Speaking for my self, I am confused why Stake is allowed to use PD chat/forum to advertise here! All streams are Stake and they have their own forum as you say, so the only reason they are posting here is to direct traffic to Stake. So more people have moved over due to the subtle push from here to get over there.
    Just a thought as we are addressing the slowdown here. Good luck to everyone in the giveaway.
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    Blindme got a reaction from Dan in 🏆 Keep Primedice Forum Alive - Giveaway!   
    I think a lot of in the community are confused by the whole Stake/PD dynamics and choose to be less active due to that. Speaking for my self, I am confused why Stake is allowed to use PD chat/forum to advertise here! All streams are Stake and they have their own forum as you say, so the only reason they are posting here is to direct traffic to Stake. So more people have moved over due to the subtle push from here to get over there.
    Just a thought as we are addressing the slowdown here. Good luck to everyone in the giveaway.
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    Blindme got a reaction from Dan in Drop menus   
    This might just be a mac issue but I click on a name in my friend list and the drop menu appears for a split second and disappears. Can never scroll down to remove members from my list without taking a good 5 minutes to do this. From my quick search it seems to be mac issue but I was wondering if I could remove a friend through chat codes or if there was a work around besides using drop menu.
    Will add on here if I find anything that helps us mac users as well.
    Figured it out, not a Primedice issue but a Chrome problem. If you have the problem do this and it will fix the issue for you:
    1. Go to preferences in Chrome menu
    2. Scroll all the way down and click on hidden advanced settings
    3. In settings unclick "Use hardware acceleration when available"
    Might need to restart browser but you will be able to use drop menu normally after that.
  21. Downvote
    Blindme reacted to JulioChavez in Slow Profit Strategy for Plebs   
    Fuck you and fuck this shitty fucking strategy I busted with it TWICE. 
  22. Haha
    Blindme got a reaction from Carollzinha in Waiting for an explanation!   
    Sorry Dan I could not find it anywhere, you know usual blindguy excuse. Used to seeing it at the top of a home page, where is this located?
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    Blindme got a reaction from Bojana in Some Control Over User Giveaways   
    Having funds in a escrow script/bot would solve all giveaway issues.
    Would like to add similar for people posting affiliate links here that are scams/ponzi/hyip. The posts are always setup to look like helping one another, which could be the case but often have a incentive for the person posting.
    I know it would be hard but I want to see more thought before exposing members to problems to make a buck. 
    The giveaways are next to none in the forums now anyways from members. We could easily set a rule or chain of steps to control issues going forward.
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    Blindme got a reaction from Kargai in Racists in chat   
    Why are kids in chat allowed to spout racist words and not get chat banned?
    It usually the same tough kids that troll chat all day and I would like to see PD step up and not allow this filthy mindset to spread. Notice a tendency of members to copy and its really annoying.
    If it continues I will just pull the plug altogether and find somewhere else to play where I am not bombarded with the N word every other sentence.
    With such a multi cultured base I think its garbage to let the few members that are ill informed to run havoc in this nature.
    Please address this or tell me I am wrong.
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    Blindme reacted to rembo2 in Racists in chat   
    Unfortunately this occurs