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  1. My password does not work, so will look tomorrow. Good luck stakers!
  2. Whats tall to women, when I see tall, I think 4-5 inches more than her. Factoring in high heels of course. Harping on height because I see it on a lot of dating profiles and never sure what amount they are thinking. I look for a person that can understand where I am coming from, meaning we have experiences that overlap. A listener, sarcastic, comfortable with herself, smart, amazing smile, adventure seeking, playful and somewhat focused. Do not have a type but smoking and religion are non starters. One is a health thing and the other is to big of a hornets nest to dissect here. I described BoRK
  3. Is that what is happening? I sometimes get notifcations and wonder why, thought it was a glitch. I have yet to see a lady say she likes a shorter dude @ravenyvolle ! Heights a funny thing, read once you need to make 100K more for every inch a guy is under average height to attract ladies. Hope the guy got the message and is not chicken footing you.
  4. No need Irena, I actually read that you guys had a chart to see posts but forgot and decided to ask and then edited after seeing it there. Sometimes I am dumb and 10% of the time it comes off as genius. Usually I fall on face and people laugh. Was well laid out no need to change because of me.
  5. Wonder how many accounts are like this one, they sign up,say hi and never log back in. Look at the dates for sign up and last on!
  6. Blindme


    Have not done Iceland yet and its really being marketed lately as a place to head to. Authentic food seems a bit scary!
  7. Saw this app in the googleplay the other day and thought it would be load intensive but it looks to be minimal for you guys. Was also expecting some kind of affiliate tag when I clicked the link but none to be found, which was shocking to me. Good luck with the bro coins, it seems like to much to tie my phone up that long with so much calls incoming and outgoing. So best of luck and keep the feedback coming in, this concept reminds me of bitwalker where people where paid for walking.
  8. I got to the screen telling me how to play and then it froze. Interesting concept and I hope the bugs get sorted out as well. Always wanted a counterstrike concept but its also open to hacks which would be exploited.
  9. Chatbot used to give tips for being active in chat, not sure if thats still going on. I like the vibe but I have to say lately I see a lot of begging as well, which is a huge turn off. Its usually the same accounts filling chat with comments about High rollers. The tips are always welcome and I try to pay back when I can, I usually bust not long after tipping. Bit of a trend for me.
  10. NVM.. Was asking about post count tracking and saw my answer in OP. So carry on and good luck.
  11. Men and Women are not equal. In fact a lot of places are going backwards in equality of the sexes. Sad that this is a question that needs a answer, but these are the times we are living in.
  12. Usually skrem,fckme and plss and the usual releasetheteletubbies for those in the know.
  13. Congrats Bes, I think I was on there when I saw you getting run down for the mod position. Took me a well to figure the site out but I kind of like being able to see other peoples bets as they come in.
  14. I used to drink a mix of lemon juice and cayenne pepper, it was nasty but got the body going. Just could not hack it long term. Same goes for getting out of bed and pounding 2 glasses of water before doing anything.
  15. Just know that most new fangled diets tend to be big marketing ploys, the keto diet was popular but you need to think long term about how the body adapts to the diet. Say you go off the diet after 6 months to a year, you never know the ramifications for that. Once you starve the body its pretty much game over for ever getting rid of stubborn weight. Body holds on even harder. A guy I followed that went into a diet similar to this had me convinced till I saw he took a small dose of speed to compensate for the lack of energy.
  16. Just presumed it was some kind of dating thing connected to PD and was laughing to my self about how strange the chat was going to get with that aspect. Good luck to the chopped up hearts!
  17. Username: Blindme I tend to bitch and moan more than post, so will see how it goes.
  18. Nice makina, I will not enter but good luck to everyone that does apply to the giveaway.
  19. I think the biggest thing about getting through life issues is experience of going through serious issues. Its why teenagers think everything is critical and life ending in nature because they can not pull from life experiences. Having been through some things I rather not have, I can pull from those moments and say at least it is not that bad! Not a religious person so I rely more on my own collection of biases to get me through these moments. Say you are depressed, it helps to know that every one gets to a bad low spot in some way or another in their life and they are forced to deal with it. In the moment you feel like their is no end, but when you can pull from past funks you know their is one and just need to pull through it. You can say life throws at you what you can handle, but I prefer to look at it as go get it! It makes you grow and you are better for it, you can relate to others because of it.
  20. Signed up, not sure what I was doing but I am in profit. Least I think I am lol.