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    Keeping it light I will just talk about my Coke addiction. The pop,geez people! I used to drink a 2L a day when I was younger and would get caffeine cravings and headaches if I did not have it the next day. Was a bit funny going through symptoms of a junkie off a sugar high. Anyways I kicked drinking pop and have the odd one from time to time. I instantly dropped 8 pounds from not drinking empty calories. I extended the issue to juice which was full of sugar and continued to lose weight. Now I jog and have a hard time holding on to weight, go figure! I feel kind of lucky in life and I am not what you would say rich or well off. But when I look at my group of friends from my teens, it makes me kind of sad knowing how many of them succumbed to addictions and wasted away or went out quickly. Honestly only have 4 friends left from those times and one is still battling demons but I will always be there for him. He will never be the same but that flicker of old friend comes through time to time. Get help people if you suffer from mental health or addictions, life is short and it can be swallowed up quickly by feeding the wrong wolf inside.
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    Drop menus

    This might just be a mac issue but I click on a name in my friend list and the drop menu appears for a split second and disappears. Can never scroll down to remove members from my list without taking a good 5 minutes to do this. From my quick search it seems to be mac issue but I was wondering if I could remove a friend through chat codes or if there was a work around besides using drop menu. Will add on here if I find anything that helps us mac users as well. ***Update*** Figured it out, not a Primedice issue but a Chrome problem. If you have the problem do this and it will fix the issue for you: 1. Go to preferences in Chrome menu 2. Scroll all the way down and click on hidden advanced settings 3. In settings unclick "Use hardware acceleration when available" Might need to restart browser but you will be able to use drop menu normally after that.
  3. Very cool video, one I need to slow down and look at history turning points for influx from certain Countries. Canada migration was very interesting for me and it looks like it peaks during war times. Very interesting. Thanks for video, have watched a few zerohedge videos in the past and always amazed.
  4. If a child is sexually attacking another child well being under the age of 12, the system to protect both children has failed. Kids rarely think in sexual ways unless they have been preyed on themselves, its a repetitive cycle of abuse. So I would rather get both the abused and the offender help, you solve little by throwing a child into jail at a early age. Once some one is a adult its a different story for me and its to late to change the wiring of the offender, least thats how I see it.
  5. @twirlspinWas just searching and checked to see if you where still active, if you ever come by hit me on private message.
  6. Sometimes I do not respond back as commanded because I need to reflect or pause. Its never a sign of dodging people, just hoping to walk off or burn the emotion off a issue. You got the response at the end of the day. As for this topic...Think most people see favortism in bans, heated discussions or even tips. We are human after all and our biases reflect this. So its not a uncommon perception, to see/feel like a few do get off the hook. Have seen it with begging in paticular but I will bow to your claim and except I am wrong. Honestly not a big issue, was just reflecting a view already stated. Moving on...
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    Always New

    Nice good luck with the venture, saw your name and thought I would say hi! Indonesia is a amazing Country, lucky man.
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    Finally have run into you a few times and enjoy harassing you for stalking me. All fun and I guess I should be more careful with a gun enthusiast! Also enjoy snowboarding and hiking Vlada, where are you based?
  9. @ullikah The issue tends to be that mods are busy or working on something else and miss chat. Quite often I scroll up to see I missed something, so thats most likely the issue in some people not getting banned. However I have seen a select group that never seem to get the ban hammer due to connections they have made and how much drama it would inflict on the chat. Aspect of getting flack is something we should be looking at addressing, as a lot of members would rather not create friction or blowback for doing so. Maybe use the bottom right box to connect directly to active mods instead of putting it in chat box. For some reason the troll factor has gotten high lately and the same names post up in chat all day causing drama.
  10. I think you got to much personal info in those screenshots, might be best to take them down or edit them a bit.
  11. So obvious! I miss the stuff right in front of me to go digging through the backwoods. I know that post must have been making you cringe, appreciate the help.
  12. Sorry Dan I could not find it anywhere, you know usual blindguy excuse. Used to seeing it at the top of a home page, where is this located?
  13. Hard to get a gauge on who is spammy due to only being able to read last ten posts. Would like to be able to search more thread posts by some people to get a idea of head space. Just a suggestion and you know you won because they would not let me in the damn Miss Forum contest!
  14. When I was in school in Australia for a year, I was the last kid picked for cricket and thats about as far as I go with it. Attempt watching it from time to time but its a hard sport to figure out. Put it in the same box as Aussie Rules. I wonder if you get more attention donvoto for this idea at www.covers.com, check out the forum and see if there is a sub section for cricket.
  15. I rarely see anyone with this feature in chat lately, I had it once and then it was gone in the same span of time. Think one person has had it in the last 3 days that I saw after seeing a lot of people having it. Maybe they shelved this aspect for now to add into another promotion. EDIT: Spoke to soon, I got a blue heart today but I chatted by accident.
  16. I think its the nature of the beast, think a smaller base of people actually visit the forum and from that group few stick around. Its not every ones cup of tea, to get to know other gamblers besides the chat box.
  17. Tonight ended up being a bit 50/50 for results with people using racist terms, its now turned into the word you use if you want to get a one hour ban. So that was not to productive and it looked like it became the thing for cool kids to do. Got one account eliminated but I logged off after watching a mod use the same word right after all that. So if the leaders of the chat/forum can not control themselves, its really pointless to think this plight will be taken to serious. Think I will just stay out of chat and if it still bothers me,which I suspect it will, I will just leave like others before me. Sad that racism wins out here, not a great way to build a community and I do not like being the guy that attempts to educate. Was fun till it wasn't as they say.
  18. Reporting to mod is tricky, without searching every mod to see who is online. Or is there a better way? Usually I find hardest way to do something and stick with it. I get baited into it but I will ignore from now on, I just find racism to be something that should be spoken on or people start to think its something that everyone excepts. Once one member uses it you see the trickle down effect and if anyone played on Sealswithclubs they will recall how racist chat would get. As long as mods are all on same level when its seen, I am fine with this solution.
  19. Why are kids in chat allowed to spout racist words and not get chat banned? It usually the same tough kids that troll chat all day and I would like to see PD step up and not allow this filthy mindset to spread. Notice a tendency of members to copy and its really annoying. If it continues I will just pull the plug altogether and find somewhere else to play where I am not bombarded with the N word every other sentence. With such a multi cultured base I think its garbage to let the few members that are ill informed to run havoc in this nature. Please address this or tell me I am wrong. Thanks
  20. Having funds in a escrow script/bot would solve all giveaway issues. Would like to add similar for people posting affiliate links here that are scams/ponzi/hyip. The posts are always setup to look like helping one another, which could be the case but often have a incentive for the person posting. I know it would be hard but I want to see more thought before exposing members to problems to make a buck. The giveaways are next to none in the forums now anyways from members. We could easily set a rule or chain of steps to control issues going forward.
  21. Have done this as well and have to search chat for the name to unignore. Might just be my mac but I can never scroll down the options before the menu closes on me. The ignore list also resets everytime I close my browser.
  22. So many Andriod users, thought it would be other way around. Guess good thing to know when launching something here.
  23. I was excited till I looked up price of doge currently, thought it was more than what it is today. Still interesting, thanks for link.