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  1. Would look into the olive oil brand to start. Lots of knock off oil in the grocery store that is not pure or even has crap in it. Tried a olive oil mask once and it works, but coconut works way better for me skin wise.
  2. Know a guy that attempted this cycle and it slowly burnt him out. Would not mess with sleep cycles, as its one reason people die young. The brain actually is being flushed like a oil chang well you sleep. Bulletproof coffee has a forum for body/mind hacking that covers this issue.
  3. Blindme

    Rescue kittens

    Had to look that reference up, damn Harry Potheads! That is very creepy watching that snake, I bet I dream about snakes tonight!
  4. This is my pattern and I talked to others to see if its similar. - I deposit and go up a small amount - WIthin 5 minutes I lose about half my deposit - Spend 2 hours getting lose back to be even - Go slightly up again - Lose half - Get tilted after doing process a few times - Lose roll I am pretty superstitious about somethings and people begging me well on a bad roll tilts me as well. But the brain naturally looks for patterns and when it can not find one, it interjects one that helps you make sense of things. Kind of the same way our eyes only see three colours.
  5. Had a chance in my life to get into a job at a very young age that would have had me retired by now with a nice chunk of money. Have more personal regrets relating to not being there for folks in hard times or losing contact, but thats a Debbie Downer to post up in here.
  6. Be careful with this feature, its a real crappy situation if you lose are phone or drop it in a puddle with all the sites connected to it. Seems to be a area they need to address before I get interested in using that feature again.
  7. Username: Blindme Try this one more time.
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    You solo I take it on those skydives? I did it once and thought I wanted to get into base jumping but time past by and I forgot to plug into that hobby. Bout time you got in the forum and nice to have you back as well.
  9. @GoldoSexy Walk is my favorite hype song if I need to get ready to get into something aggressive, like a verbal altercation or farther. My youth days: ( I was troubled lad) Still go back to those times but aint many folks left from those days lol I listen to more laid back now: Honestly all over the map with my music, do not judge me by my early days lol
  10. Download or get a copy of Pokerstove or Pokercruncher if you prefer mac supported products. This alone will help you a ton in these spots. They allow you plug in ranges and find out what you are asking, drawback is it sometimes takes times to compute a answer.
  11. Pretty generic in my opinion, a little message to a beat with a whiny singer. Seems to be the model of getting radio play and its not my cup of tea. As for the message there is for sure meaning and I think its good to analyze what we are about to say or do. The flip of that is people that think to much about things that are about to be said and end up using all their energy there instead of being in the moment. Balance is key and I rather here truth from people close to me then hogwash.
  12. Click on the dropbox connected to the account, for you its Nytewind obviously. Then click My Economy Dashboard. Once you do that you can see the balance on the leftside and a dropbox next to the amount on the right of the total. Clicking that you will see "transfer" and its pretty easy from there. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Nice to see this back and active but I would like to see a restriction on new accounts that just come in here and spam up the forum. Was watching the promo that closed yesterday evening and saw some pretty bad topics started just to milk the system and hit the goal of 5 topics and 20 replies. Sent Milan a pm about it for feedback but I think my initial issue got lost some how as I was not whining about not enough promotions but more that there is a caste system in place on PD that becomes evident in tipping and upvoting certain folks threads. Having 8 of the 14 winners be mods/Streamers felt like a reinforcement of the problem was what I wanted to state. Optics game is important for growth. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Would like to see some kind of counter for members that see people crapping on the forum as well. I know the mods are pretty busy between the two sites,chat and support issues. Part of me wants to down vote folks that spam but I know there would be push back and it would backfire with little support. But I rather not see responses that are vague and empty or even off topic getting paid. As usual,grumpy cat mode
  13. Dear hackers feel free to put something in my Christmas sock,thank you.
  14. Blindme

    DIY Dog Cage

    I can not believe you have a light in there!
  15. When I was 15 it was 25, when I was 25 it was 30, it changes as you age. Talk to old folks and they talk about not wanting to live to where they are a burden to people and quite often they are already at that stage but do not see it. I plan to pull plug around retirement age if I do not have kids or family around, it will look like accident for insurance purposes.
  16. Please do not be like this guy, its to obvious and spammy.
  17. I think a lot of in the community are confused by the whole Stake/PD dynamics and choose to be less active due to that. Speaking for my self, I am confused why Stake is allowed to use PD chat/forum to advertise here! All streams are Stake and they have their own forum as you say, so the only reason they are posting here is to direct traffic to Stake. So more people have moved over due to the subtle push from here to get over there. Just a thought as we are addressing the slowdown here. Good luck to everyone in the giveaway.
  18. Pay for post is a big factor but I think the community has taken a step backwards in a lot of ways and its easier just not to be involved. Misunderstandings come easy here and its just not worth getting into the dramas. Take a look at how many regs have gone inactive altogether and you start to connect the dots as to why!
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    Its a short term issue, takes about 2-3 days for the system clear and you will be fine. Just think of the empty weight gain from it and potential diabetes issues. Totally understand the issue having been there and can give you some tips if you are looking at kicking that to the curb. @vinka1976
  20. Stake? Are the forums cross posting some how, have not visited but I know twirlspins from another site and dragged his ass over here. Think he is more involved in the poker side lately and was coming here to cross promote. I necro bumped this to catch his attention if you notice.
  21. Never heard of this drug, you have links to any videos on it? Its scary each new drug makes people more unhuman, think zombies are becoming a real issue.
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    Keeping it light I will just talk about my Coke addiction. The pop,geez people! I used to drink a 2L a day when I was younger and would get caffeine cravings and headaches if I did not have it the next day. Was a bit funny going through symptoms of a junkie off a sugar high. Anyways I kicked drinking pop and have the odd one from time to time. I instantly dropped 8 pounds from not drinking empty calories. I extended the issue to juice which was full of sugar and continued to lose weight. Now I jog and have a hard time holding on to weight, go figure! I feel kind of lucky in life and I am not what you would say rich or well off. But when I look at my group of friends from my teens, it makes me kind of sad knowing how many of them succumbed to addictions and wasted away or went out quickly. Honestly only have 4 friends left from those times and one is still battling demons but I will always be there for him. He will never be the same but that flicker of old friend comes through time to time. Get help people if you suffer from mental health or addictions, life is short and it can be swallowed up quickly by feeding the wrong wolf inside.
  23. Blindme

    Drop menus

    This might just be a mac issue but I click on a name in my friend list and the drop menu appears for a split second and disappears. Can never scroll down to remove members from my list without taking a good 5 minutes to do this. From my quick search it seems to be mac issue but I was wondering if I could remove a friend through chat codes or if there was a work around besides using drop menu. Will add on here if I find anything that helps us mac users as well. ***Update*** Figured it out, not a Primedice issue but a Chrome problem. If you have the problem do this and it will fix the issue for you: 1. Go to preferences in Chrome menu 2. Scroll all the way down and click on hidden advanced settings 3. In settings unclick "Use hardware acceleration when available" Might need to restart browser but you will be able to use drop menu normally after that.
  24. Very cool video, one I need to slow down and look at history turning points for influx from certain Countries. Canada migration was very interesting for me and it looks like it peaks during war times. Very interesting. Thanks for video, have watched a few zerohedge videos in the past and always amazed.