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  1. This is a really interesting discussion, having no idea of the wage setup, it is fascinating to see. Honestly hate seeing all the nannies here just after dinner time walking home or playing with the clients kids. Most of them look really sad being away from family and it has to be totally isolating living that way. The discussion of scam jobs and wage tiers makes this more easier to understand. What a crappy situation to be in. Unions are dying around the world but that could change as the rich have gotten super greedy lately.
  2. Kim was supposed to launch some coin that was going to change things and he hyped it for a whole year, eventually I stopped tracking his shilling of the new project. Would take most things he says now as a grain of salt because he likes to angle folks for personal gains. To bad, I do follow him on twitter but was expecting something more from him.
  3. Waiting for the 120% version and then I will buy if still available,100% is to close to what I run right now.
  4. Good luck to everyone involved, I will pass as I am a peanut player and not likely to hit either way. Hopefully some one I recognize wins!
  5. Be nice if the responses where not all bitcoin related to see a little into each others lives. Every one is going to say they missed the train on bitcoin or gambled blah blah, be interesting to here some life altering choices.
  6. Think we will have to post in here or it will be shoved down quickly with all the streamer alerts for Stake streamers. This could turn into a 2pac vs. Biggie thing folks, be ready!
  7. Been bouncing around and posting in wrong sections so far, bit like a easter egg hunt. Sets off a bit of OCD in me, you have been warned.
  8. How I see it.... I look at all these areas around the world wanting independence in some form (Catalonia,Kurds,etc.) and you see that the world makes all their agreements based on economic downfall. Knowing that disruption is not good for business tells me that North Korea will eventually settle in some form. Its just not good for business unless it some how strips rights of the people and increases profits all around. Otherwise North Korea dropping a bomb on the USA does little for anyone and Kim is not that bat shit crazy or they would have taken him out as a risk. End of the day, the bomb drops it was a good life and we move to the next. I am not going to sweat it if you watch South koreans just going about business, why shouldn't I?
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    You looking for books to read or just vague why we enjoy reading books? Always have enjoyed reading but got more into reading once I realized there was a lot to be learned from how people have lived or go about their lives. A familiar trend cropped up as well, that had a lot of the minds I appreciate being ferocious readers. Its really about ignoring people that walked before you that figured it out to some extent or continuing to bang ones head against the same rock. For life changing a book can present its self and be meaningless for me and I pick the same book up 5 years later and its gold. But I do have favorites: Hermann Hesse is a big dude in my thinking of how life moves and have enjoyed every one of his books. -Way of the Peaceful Warrior and Celstine Prophecy opened the doors to exploring life for me as a kid. - How to win friends and influence People by Dale Carnegie - Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill (Old but interesting,been meaning to read more of him but got sidetracked looking into Scientology(lol)). Some others: 1984,Brave New World,Slaughter house-five,Catch-22,Mans search for meaning Read a lot of psychology, maybe to much. Really love figuring out what makes a person tick and if I can grasp their mindset or relate.
  10. Amazing work, seen you highrolling and never knew the steps you took to get there. Well done!
  11. Its not for everyone and studies on gambling addiction are still very much in the early stages for research. To quit any addiction you will find its actually the routine around the addiction. So breaking the habit takes a lot of attention to these smaller aspects. Replacing the habit with another is all I know for sucessful change. Best of luck to anyone in this frame of mind. It will be hard in many ways. Gambling carries a high suicide percentage for a reason. Always a light to focus on in the dark days.
  12. Would look into the olive oil brand to start. Lots of knock off oil in the grocery store that is not pure or even has crap in it. Tried a olive oil mask once and it works, but coconut works way better for me skin wise.
  13. Know a guy that attempted this cycle and it slowly burnt him out. Would not mess with sleep cycles, as its one reason people die young. The brain actually is being flushed like a oil chang well you sleep. Bulletproof coffee has a forum for body/mind hacking that covers this issue.
  14. Blindme

    Rescue kittens

    Had to look that reference up, damn Harry Potheads! That is very creepy watching that snake, I bet I dream about snakes tonight!
  15. So many sites like this its cool to bang our heads together to find which ones work. Have dabbled with these type of sites and found issues with a few. When you say pay, how long does it take to get to the threshold for withdrawing? Also want to know how hard it is to set a site like this up. Been watching the address that pays me for surveys from time to time and he seems to be bringing in no less than a bitcoin a week. Thats some serious passive income if its easy to setup.
  16. This is my pattern and I talked to others to see if its similar. - I deposit and go up a small amount - WIthin 5 minutes I lose about half my deposit - Spend 2 hours getting lose back to be even - Go slightly up again - Lose half - Get tilted after doing process a few times - Lose roll I am pretty superstitious about somethings and people begging me well on a bad roll tilts me as well. But the brain naturally looks for patterns and when it can not find one, it interjects one that helps you make sense of things. Kind of the same way our eyes only see three colours.
  17. Had a chance in my life to get into a job at a very young age that would have had me retired by now with a nice chunk of money. Have more personal regrets relating to not being there for folks in hard times or losing contact, but thats a Debbie Downer to post up in here.
  18. Be careful with this feature, its a real crappy situation if you lose are phone or drop it in a puddle with all the sites connected to it. Seems to be a area they need to address before I get interested in using that feature again.
  19. Username: Blindme Try this one more time.
  20. Without taking a crap all over the place with my issues with streams, I think we should just come up with our own thing. There is no one streaming PD here and the void is wide enough that we could get away with almost anything on a show or two, to drive more of a community. If you are like me, you feel the community has been under attack or lacking as of late and needs injection. So lets spin some ideas without copying the current Stake Streamers because they do them and we bring a whole different monster to the table. 1. We could setup a fund to help giveaways during the streams through the player field. 2. We work outside PD dynamics allowing us to go full retard on banter. 3. Create our own vibe and way of doing things 4. Two Opposing personalities hashing it out or getting more heated well exchanging tips and banter to strategies Pretty basic stuff but I know we got saucy folks on this side that could bring a less P.G vibe. Its this or swallow the ongoing links and spam giveaways in our chat from another site. Lets counter this with our own gong show. We get away with shorter blitzkrieg like shows and not have to stream hours on end. Just a thought, might just carry forth anyways in a months time either way.
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    You solo I take it on those skydives? I did it once and thought I wanted to get into base jumping but time past by and I forgot to plug into that hobby. Bout time you got in the forum and nice to have you back as well.
  22. @GoldoSexy Walk is my favorite hype song if I need to get ready to get into something aggressive, like a verbal altercation or farther. My youth days: ( I was troubled lad) Still go back to those times but aint many folks left from those days lol I listen to more laid back now: Honestly all over the map with my music, do not judge me by my early days lol
  23. Download or get a copy of Pokerstove or Pokercruncher if you prefer mac supported products. This alone will help you a ton in these spots. They allow you plug in ranges and find out what you are asking, drawback is it sometimes takes times to compute a answer.
  24. Pretty generic in my opinion, a little message to a beat with a whiny singer. Seems to be the model of getting radio play and its not my cup of tea. As for the message there is for sure meaning and I think its good to analyze what we are about to say or do. The flip of that is people that think to much about things that are about to be said and end up using all their energy there instead of being in the moment. Balance is key and I rather here truth from people close to me then hogwash.