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  1. Have tried to figure this out in the past but run into a wall abit. Got funds sitting in steam, I guess I just need to learn how to play the game to get me some keys,skins to roll with.

    Would cool if there was a guide to hold hand well I figured this out.:D

  2. I understand that aspect Dan, just wanted to bring up other options that are more streamlined to learning a language. If it was up to me and money was not a option, I would throw myself into the local scene and learn on the ground floor. Not to good with languages from a book. 

    Some people do not appreciate that people are attempting to learn a language and issues do occur from misunderstandings due to language. For me its close to asking for gambling help on a gambling site, the info might be a little jaded. 

  3. Lets just presume that most users will not be have had the experience of navigating multiple loans. Therefore we should protect them from potential issues by having standards in place to protect them from being exploited. Sad fact is scammers are active and will come at you from multiple sides probing for that weak spot.

    The trader feedback is still early in its venture and a nice reference. My only issue with it is this forum has a very open you scratch my back I will scratch yours mentality. My example would be the referral links people post here without investigating the site they are trying to make money off of. Setting those that click up to be robbed of time or even bitcoin.  Earlier on I watched a lot of liking and upgrading of posts by a group of friends to get into certain promotions at the time. So the issue of it being so blatant and no qualms of how that may look means we need even stronger safeguards.

    Far to many accounts are allowed to post without linking there PD account and that should be step one for any loans.

    The issue of long game scams is a issue that I think falls more on the lender. They should not allow themselves to be exposed to such a level and control their level of risk. Not saying its all their fault but they are alone at the end of the day with being scammed.

    Its funny this post came up, I was trying to figure out what I had for collateral myself for a bitcointalk loan which is near impossible to get. If we mirror them to some extent it should be gravy.

    P.s Think multiple loans from one lender also should not give the green light to like sized loans with a new lender as it could be one person lending to self in hopes of scamming unsuspecting lenders.

    Think UltraChief knows what he is doing though, I am more worried about the people that pop up behind thinking its a easy game.

  4. 4 hours ago, ravenyvolle said:

    hehe im so noob :) Thank you for answering my query:) Will surely check google later 

    I be more noob! Now I realize why my account would be going up so much when I left it on 2x!:D

    @Milan Thanks for help. Whats with those two accounts that come up when I type your name: "Milan did you like me?" and the more sinister one that I shall not name! Think some one is stalking you.:ph34r:

  5. 19 hours ago, FarSeeR said:

    Whatever dude, there should be a limit for users to have access to faucets and when you reach the limit there should be sign. Nobody counts how many time he or she used the faucet.

    Like I said its clear who is abusing the faucet and when some one has only risked 10K it very clear that they are just farming the faucet, as a example.B|

    I can understand some one hitting faucet limit once in a while but daily shows you are working the system. Its not there for a handout, its for people to learn how to play or kill time between deposits. To answer the limit aspect, it used to be 50 but there have been changes as of late that suggest you do not want to do that anymore. 

    Site attracts to many freeloaders and it takes away from people that actually deposit and play, an example would be Hungergames having to change the requirements.

    Just deposit and you will not look like you are a leech on the site, pretty easy change up.

  6. 11 hours ago, Dan said:

    Its literally on the second last page of primedice bitcoin talk topic. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=208986.msg24424349#msg24424349

    I have to get better at searching things out, I just took the title of video and pasted it into google and bitcointalk. Presumed the video would be a stand alone topic and not in the PD thread.

    Thanks for the link though it makes it even more interesting that the player was asking so many questions, it looks like such a lark to even have been rolling.

  7. First post being a referral link is not a great way to make people feel like this is a up and up venture.  My preference is referral links be sectioned off to a certain section of this forum, it sometimes gets spammy with this aspect. No matter if this is a scam or not, not interested but Kargai gave it downward and thats good enough for me.

  8. 1 hour ago, FarSeeR said:

    Let me guess, Too many Faucets you got and you are perminatly muted just like me. I just did that because if its not allowed there should be a sign or alarm to make the case clear...

    Its written in the rules that faucet abuse is something that can get you banned. Leaving it to their judgement seems to be best outcome due to the hours most of them spend in a shift and knowing who is active or not.  It seems like they got let a lot go and are now enforcing it due to abuse getting out of hand. Its pretty obvious that its a issue when you pull stats up and see people that have been here for months with less than .005 wagers.

  9. So just ignore the spacebar. Might have to do that, its getting worse and next step might be clearing my cache and cookies to see if its some how a memory issue for clicking.


    @xMossx Thanks for that tip its a great workaround,just need to figure how to speed up my mouse clicks.

  10. Depends where you are from, you could do surveys that tend to payout daily or weekly. That seems to be best way to get .001 btc in a short period.

    Faucets and giveaways tend to have restrictions or small payouts that waste your time. Most of the people will post links here with referral links, thats how some make money.

    Used to be decent poker freerolls to get a roll up but cheats have made that near impossible.

  11. I am sorry to make this post but I ended up in parts of the net that where speaking Klingon.


    Love to use hotkeys but they do not work on Firefox at all. On chrome I ran into a issue lately around the same time captchas started causing me headaches.

    When I hit the spacebar my screen will scroll every third or so bet, you scroll to much and the next roll does not take. Looking around the web I could not find a good answer for this issue and it seems quite common. Any tips on how to change my spacebar or how to eliminate the issue of the browser scrolling during rolls?

    P.s I searched and only found people talking about some chat issue with hotkeys.

  12. Not sure about Cloudbet, tried them in late 2014 and they had some serious issues with late grading of wagers and slow withdrawals. Site was laggy as hell at the time and have only read comments that suggest they have not changed much in that time.

    Nitrogensports is a good one, just stay away from esports as they grade those really really slow.


    If anyone comes across a live betting site, let me know please.

  13. The chat requirements had to be changed, to many folks where realizing they could spam chat to get 10k posts in a very short time. Still see Chinese chat being used for that by Russian players for some reason, maybe they got a similar game. Chat has kind of been toxic at some points in the day and I can not put my finger on why that is, sometimes I feel like its a soft troll when I see every third player using a racist term that I am not fond of. Other times its just plain beggar heaven and annoying. Maybe I am jaded.

    @Kargai Like that gif, makes me want a bunny.

  14. My bent on religion might make me biased but I compare this to allowing anti abortionists setup a bitcoin donation line. Being that I wanted bitcoin to disrupt the current financial setup and eliminate a strangle hold by the rich, this religious aspect sours me to some extent. See religion as a control and therefore think its not a good thing.

    Other hand says its good for adoption but when I see the pope signing a white and gold ferrari it troubles me giving religious groups more options to create funds.



    Each his own, do not take this as a personal slight, just a opinion and I am a asshole.:)