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  1. that would be a cool option, i would for sure buy tickets if there is some normal price.
  2. in past week i busted 40 ltc and 7 eth on stake, so basicly what i can say, i dont control my patience
  3. i use how much i can lose of my own money, like 2-3, there is no other way to play
  4. just play normaly how you usually play on dice, dont look at wagering, you will just get busted. play for profit and take it easy
  5. i just play, while you play you wager i dont even look at wagering
  6. well i would like that option seriously, it is just better and more fair then like this
  7. regarding the Money i deposit and play with of course i think its safe, afterall its longest running dice site, only thing that is missing is more games to play, dice becomes boring after some time and it would be cool to have more games so you can enjoy even more..