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  1. well great . keep it up.
  2. 1.05x play with 1000k when u get red. max dame :))
  3. pd: nami6006 thanks bro. more luck to you
  4. awww. big mistake. careful next time sis
  5. how long did it take. i think if you play safe it takes time cgrats anyway / keep it up
  6. how do u know that hard to up over 3k
  7. nami6006


    0.03 is it enough @@ i think not. have 60-80 reds on this strat
  8. should have a big bal better luck next time
  9. username: nami6006 date: 16.07.2017 19:26:32
  10. nami6006


    Lmao. 80% onloss will give you 0 in balance. 18x and 80% incre too much.
  11. thats sick 3 times in a day
  12. lol so far. ill try it when had 30k in balance too
  13. cant save all the bets. depo maybe can.
  14. bust 0.005 after 2 hours auto long streak
  15. wow double profit. so far. can i try this with smaller amount.
  16. have not safe yet . long red streak will kill you .
  17. ouch. should cashout soon sr to hear big lost
  18. lol halowwin ha ha .cant stop laugh ha ha , love nun
  19. hi, nice to see u here. have fun and good luck
  20. woah thank bro wish more luck to you. my username is nami6006