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  1. Hi everybody. This is my first giveaway for Roll Hunting. I will give about 25k prize for first 4 people make roll number is 16.05 ... Minimum base is 500 satoshies.. I will close topic at 12am UTC 8th, July. Are you ready?
  2. thank all of u This is the migration of 2 strategy.. 99x is auto 1.8x is for earn more profit. Number of roll and hit 1% Finish at 1m profit Strategy mix
  3. tks No, u must to play very hard :). 40 satoshis base...this is mix strategy with auto and manual
  4. Today i request 100k from forum and play hunter 99x mix 1.8x.... ya.. 600k profit :D.. Hope i dont busted like 3 days ago
  5. I play at 99x hunter, slowly and slowly... from 400k -> 0.015BTC... lol... and after that i play 1.8x with 100k-200k/rolls.. Busted at 8 roll...
  6. 20 satoshies 2.4x payout 82.5% on loss :).. earn 80k/hours and gone......
  7. Normal my friend... i play strategy 3-3... if i have 2 red i will reserve.... if i have 2 green i double or triple my base
  8. >.<.. do u met 5 red in row at 90%?
  9. This is my strategist today :).. 400k is enough
  10. I withdrawal all of it :D... and hunt 9900x
  11. About 30 mintues... at bubura stream .. Target 400k for withdraw