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  1. 17 BTC busted ago 1 year in other site

    It is said that I deposit 0.1btc and one hour generate 1 btc in another site called Rollin and it lasted me almost 3 days and I got 17 btc in many bets and it turns out that next day I lose everything with 98% chance and chao 17 btc

    That is why you should never bet big bets and worse give in low profits


  2. Hello friends I am humbertin19x and I am looking for a strategies with the tap that maybe I am looking to help share and my base of profit that I want is 0.001 btc to 1 btc and I will also try the dicebot to be able to start without being present on the web And the person who might help me win with his strategies dare to a point but if that strategy works

    The strategies I already know are martingale strategy but they are not safe since I lost 0.01 btc and I do not like it

    Thank you good luck in your bets