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  1. Shinjo my bro long time not see ;P gl your money humbertin19x
  2. Hola amigo alguien me puede decir si el precio hasta el fin de semana de Agosto subiravo bajara el precio ya que estoy esperando que baje demasiado para comprar porque actualmente esta caro el btc y peor la comision de los vendedores Gracias si me puedes colaborar
  3. Username: Humbertin19x Joined date:13/06/2017
  4. Primedice not is scam , you can check probably fair and check you result
  5. Hello friends I am humbertin19x and I am looking for a strategies with the tap that maybe I am looking to help share and my base of profit that I want is 0.001 btc to 1 btc and I will also try the dicebot to be able to start without being present on the web And the person who might help me win with his strategies dare to a point but if that strategy works The strategies I already know are martingale strategy but they are not safe since I lost 0.01 btc and I do not like it Thank you good luck in your bets
  6. Hey brother shinjo how are you going with you luckyGood lucky and not busto pleaseUsername Humbertin19x
  7. Hi carol how are you goins gl my carol and i love you Username pd humbertin19x
  8. Gl my sir oleg and have funPd username humbertin19x
  9. Hi girl gl my bro and go to hit millon jackpot I am humbertin19x