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  1. Amount In primedice 144k and want receive 130k in Stake balance
  2. I have $8.2 and want btc in pd
  3. Y si el admin Eddie fuera el chavo del 8
  4. The computer has evolved, all have evolved to the superheroes that look better and handsome aspects that are believed gods
  5. I'm going to build a time machine so I can know the results of the futures and the regression to the present to win and be a millionaire
  6. Good history of hero marvel
  7. Hello you are contacting in stake ? @jbenjaminy done traded ty
  8. Hello i need $5 just , i there wating caroll to transfer or if u want i can transfer in Stake
  9. Ok need just $5 if u can fees I there wating caroll to exchange stake to pd and i can transfer u
  10. Hello i need just $5 paypal Interested post please
  11. Looking buy burst with paypal Hello I need a burst valued at $ 20 and I would be paying on paypal If you have please send me a PM with your commission to see if I am interested