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  1. I think a short break will help you relax with the thrill and make your focus back again. But I never do that, because I love thrill and I always chase my luck. If I feel I'm lucky, that will boost my positive thinking to go more and not to stop until I bust. I never do break until my balance is wiped or after I achieved something that I think is already good for a day.
  2. Of course mate. If you are not mentally active then you can't process the information well. You don't know if what you are doing is good or bad. You will not know if it's risky or it's safe. Imagine you are just clicking and you are not thinking. Probably you can bet zero and hit 9900x or you can bet all in in 9900x which is a crazy thing to day in just a few rolls. You really need to have a great mental performance to achieve victory.
  3. I am doing any tips for now. Honestly I don't have any to tip. But I did it before with friends. I don't really need any criteria as long as I know them and they are one of my friends here If I have something to give then I will.
  4. I will try to do that. Maybe I will put something like gadget with price tag in it so after winning much that can afford that then that will motivate me to do that.
  5. I am sure that we can't feel it that it's green or red on our next roll. But we are just guessing and our thinking influence our decisions. If we are being optimistic we always think that it will be green on the next roll. We don't care how long can our balance survive, until it will be zero.
  6. I understand mate nobody is perfect. But I think he needs to clarify that 90000x. Which site has that multiplier in dice. Or maybe he just mean 9000x or 9900x to that.
  7. I think you mean sites. I have not seen site with 90000x in dice. I have seen a million multiplier in stake with mines and chartbet before.
  8. I always start with 8x and if luckily I get to double it I will try to hit something using 90x. Then end up to lower payout like 1.98x But my strat don't bring me to victory always busted. I think I need to change it.
  9. I have a lot of new friends here. I have new friends that happens to be living near me but I never met before. I am planning to met him one day. If given an opportunity to meet most them I love to.
  10. You are still good when you can resist the temptation. I wish you will stay that way. Before I am like that but now I can't resist it.
  11. Probably mate. I cannot be more than 2x payout. It's such a risk to increase in such high percentage even if you start little.
  12. The reason why we want to win is not for our self but I guess not all of us. My priority is my family now. Before myself is my priority. I want to win so that I can treat my family to something fun and yummy.
  13. Oh my. I think I only experience fire in just a short minute not in here but in Stake. Just once I guess when I hit 1000x in plinko...
  14. What is the payout mate? I don't see it. It will apply in any payout?
  15. It's better to have something for your family than regret when you lost it all. A small win is still a win which will be good when you think it's a blessings.
  16. A lie is never good but if you do it just to get out of trouble or avoid a fight then it's good. But what is bad about what we are doing is that we just do it for gambling and we are avoiding the consequences of our mistakes.
  17. I did tried dice game here in hour town before, but it doesn't exist anymore because police said that it's a scam. The banker knows the trick on manipulating the result of the three dice. That was before when I'm young. As what I remember I won a little amount before because I don't have much that time I'm still a kid.
  18. You better not do that mate. Soon you will face the consequences. I already done that and almost ruin my family. Let us just gamble our extra.
  19. Absolutely. Greed want limitless quantity. If you are greedy you will put away any goal you are aiming. I know you are good in making huge profit mate. But I think you need to go to rehab mate. It don't sound good but it will help. You can't figth addiction all by yourself until it's too late.
  20. You are one of the High Roller mate. That hit is huge. How do you manage your nerve betting that much on 99x. But I guess you already used to it. You already lost much in here. Just want to say good luck for more mate. I don't have records of huge hit in any games. I just forget it . Profit is my goal. But maybe starting today will try to save bets on notepad for a records and remembrance.
  21. Is it effective mate? Did you hit big using that in hunting?
  22. That's my mistake I never reach 60 reds because I rush and do martingale. So after I bust the last digit of the coin I will change coin and always thinking it will be a green in the next roll.
  23. Most players here always ends up busted. Why? Because they never stop. They still play even if they already won much. It's greed that made us want more but ends up busted. There are few who win a little and they're good to go. I don't know what made them decide to stop. Let me know how you decide to stop. What motivate you to stop?
  24. I don't really study strategies but I experiment on new strategy sometimes. After I bust I will think what goes wrong and try to figure out where to fix it. Never read about casino players that become great because it will never help me I guess. That will just boost my gambling addiction.
  25. I hope you can do that again mate. .1 LTC to 2.5 LTC is awesome profit already. But gamblers attitude. When you still have balance the game must go on