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  1. I am having opposite to that. I got growing negative profit everyday for almost a month already. I think it's already a month since my lost winning day.
  2. I have never experienced that ever since. I don't really get how they benefited to such thing. Cheering for others failure is not a good attitude. Maybe it's just a joke but just taken seriously by others.
  3. When I lose a huge amount of money I usually try to find ways to recover it. I depo but not in the same site or if in the same site different game. But when I don't have anything to depo just to recover it, I will try to find some online jobs to earn what I need which is not that easy.
  4. I hope I can make a single one. I don't have any withdrawal for a month already. I think I'm the most unlucky player in PD now.
  5. What? You just wasted it mate. I think you still have much in your account, that's why you forgot you have something to claim. If you don't have anything at all then you will probably look for anything like coupon. Sad experience for you mate even it's not that huge but still good. Lesson learn bro, you should keep track on everything you do. hehehe
  6. It happens to me several times. Maybe that's the symptoms of being a Primedice addict. I won 1 BTC and I don't know how I done it. I check my wallet after I woke up to think maybe there will be something that will be related to that dream like I have some .01 balance. But I am disappointed. Nothing but zero balance in my account.
  7. I don't drink same drinks everyday. But usually I have coffee in my table while playing online gambling. Sometimes a softdrinks or juice to refresh me.
  8. Good luck to that mate. So that's why we keep staying here, because we believe that Primedice is probably fair. That's why most gamblers here chose to stay even they always end up busted. We share the same belief that Primedice is our quick way to richness. Hoping that PD will give us time to win soon.
  9. Hard to do it, but possible. Specially when you only have little bankroll. There are many winning stories here people starting from thousands and made it to millions. I know a lot of them and they are my motivation and inspiration now. Try and try, and think it's possible. If you believe Primedice is Probably Fair then you believe it's possible to get rich here. Wait and be patient and your time will come.
  10. We should not do that always. I already tried that and sometimes it worked but mostly failed. Made me feel bad and regret that I should have not done that. I have done that with doge. Tipped 50 Doge and made it to 1000 Doge using 8x. Thinking that it's now or never and nothing to lose I change payout to 2.1x and all in bet and boom won. But what I regret is when I made 2k satoshis to 180k satoshis using 8x. Got excited and changed payout to 1.98x and bet 25k satoshis but it's red. So I continue and double it to regain the loss but end up busted. Same story with 3 XRP to 38 XRP using 1.98x slowly but then again got excited and increased the basebets that leads me to zero after PD give me more reds. That experience that you are already near to the end but you are being pulled at the start, made me think "this is rigged".
  11. It's a good attitude when you make your misfortune to be positive. Take it as a lesson and learn from your mistake. Instead of complaining try to figure it out what wrong you've done and fix it. That's the good thing in that. But if you already experiencing bad luck and keep on trying, without knowing that you are already deep that you can't go up anymore it is not good thing. If you will still try evenif you already noticed bad luck, then you're a gambling addict.
  12. That's what we call bad seeds. 6 reds in 1.1x is very rarely happening which can also happen like 6 greens in 8x. But I am sure using 1000% on loss will stop before you can get the 4th red, but truly sad that you will need to start again.
  13. Gambling is already a risk zone. Betting everything all in or little by little it is already risking. But when you are focus there will be more percentage of avoiding high risk. Be out of focus and you will be out of control of the game. You are just playing without noticing that you already near to busting which is too late that you can no longer recover the loss. Focus will lessen the risk and luck will kill the risk. If you have focus and you're lucky a 100℅ win will be achieved.
  14. I am good at talking about controlling my self but I'm not good in following it. I am easily get mad and do rage bet after having huge loses. But I am trying to control it now.
  15. I hate reading books it's kinda boring for me. But going to forest is a good idea but still can do gambling there if there is signal because online gambling can be done anywhere.
  16. I think I am addicted to gambling again. I can't stop myself from visiting gambling site and gamble. Visiting Primedice everyday is part of my routine. I can't really stop this. Friends ask me to play online RPG games but I just ignored them because I like to gamble. A day is never complete for me without visiting gambling site. I really don't know what can make me quit gambling for a while. Even a week is a good achievement. I really love to quit gambling but when I start it I feel bored. I wonder how other people here quit gambling for a while. What do you do guys?
  17. Sometimes it really happen. If you are hunting huge payout and you already consumed large percentage of your balance and try to recover it and lessen your bet and boom it's hit. That guy is very lucky to hit that 990x after 4 reds in 2x. I experienced that too but sadly not much to recover.
  18. I agree! this strat really need huge bankroll. It's good for XRP and DOGE I guess.
  19. Honestly I don't manage my finances. I think that's the reason why I'm having a huge red profit now. I'm losing more than winning. I never think of the outcome I only think one side if I win then I will enjoy. I never think negative but will end busted. I will try to manage it but never been successful.
  20. I tried to change it but it's only good at start and will not be followed afterwards. I think it's the reason why I'm still on red.
  21. There is a strategy that will last long but will need more time to get huge profit. It's safe but slow profit strat. I don't like that strat because it's intended for dicebot I guess. Small payout with huge basebet that can continue after 2 reds with 1000% increase on loss. Basebet: 0.0005 Payout: 1.1x Increase on Loss: 1000% I think it will only work if you have huge bankroll. Risky but you need to make sure that your bankroll can survive 3 reds in a row.
  22. That's the best move to do. Letting them talk to you will give them time to find convince you. Scammers are good in persuading but if you are cautious you will not be a victim.
  23. Price checking can be helpful to someone playing. When they want to monitor price here they don't have to go check it on other site. But others used it to spam. With or without dont matter.
  24. Any company never allows such thing. But it's just a matter of good eye sight and quick fingers. If you see them coming then just hide it. I'm lucky to have a company that supervisors not so strict. He will just ask me to finish a job quickly and let me do anything I want. But when the boss is present then the fun will stop. Boss comes late in office so that's why I can start my PD early in the morning. Checking PD is the very first thing I will do everyday in office.
  25. That's the common attitude of gambler. The never stop and they don't set goals in winning. They just feel it. If they feel it's a winning game then they will continue. Gamblers always so optimistic. They always think that it's not the end of your luck. The key to winning is discipline. Need to control your self not to be greedy.