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  1. A short paragraph but with a very huge point. That martinfails and Autodeath really fit to that. But still thanks that PD let me win sometimes. No to Martinfails and Autodeath.
  2. Love is a mysterious thing. Love is magic. I don't really know what love is. I just feel it. But I know love moves in mysterious ways.
  3. Can be @Eminx3. But for sure the idea of this site came from those two genius.
  4. I don't have the same time everyday. I play long time sometimes when I"m not busy in my real world job. I also play at home after work from like 8 hours and made me lack of sleep. That's only when I have something to play.
  5. I think it is not impossible for Eddie or Stunna to own a site like this. What if they already owned more BTC before. So after few years they decide to make this site. They already know that a site like this has more percentage of earning than losing.
  6. Only High rollers will be on that list again. But we can still be on the list if we can stay on the game for long. Just try to win and lose, then win and lose and soon and so far. You can beat that when you have more time to play and make your balance survive. But seems to be so very hard to do.
  7. So let's just put that as default. Every woman in the internet is still a guy until they prove it. I'm thinking of how they can prove it here. Primedice should activate a video call feature here of even voice chat. I think we can determine it by voice.
  8. There is no need to look a side job just to have something for gambling. You can earn it with your free time. Try to be more active here in forum or in chat. Just don't let your self be tempted of bringing your salary here...
  9. It worked before but I am not using it anymore because I'm trying other strat.
  10. There are instance that if you're mad and you are lucky then you will end up chillin because you win. So I prefer not minding my emotion. I will play when I have something to play whether I'm sad or happy. Luck will bring me to victory. It already happen to me. I'm so sad and made huge bet to high payout and luck give me a huge win. Will that ends up very good that made me drink and chill. Your emotion in the end depends on what will be the result of your game. If you are chill in the game and win, then you will still be happy and chill. But if you bust then you will be pissed and mad.
  11. I never do all in bet in just a single bet. It's so risky. But I do all bet when I am in rage after having a long reds.
  12. For sure emotions influence game. When you are sad you tend to easily get mad after losing some. You will possible make decision that will result to busting. When you are happy and chill you will do it slowly, surely and safe that will possibly bring you to victory.
  13. Focus and concentration is important in everything you do. You can't just let it go and just leave it, and wait for the result. When you don't have focus high percentage of that will result to something bad. It will also be required in gambling, you need to calculate your bet and think what to do or you will end up busting. Although there are some accidental bets that won big which obviously happen because the gambler are not focus. It's just happen rarely.
  14. Never done that mate. I will try to do that now. Maybe I can do that with different crypto in every tab.
  15. That is a good strategy of you mate. My strat is just simple Just preroll 1 sat in 2x for 10 rolls to determine which side hits most. Then bet 100 sats in 40 rolls. Then double it after every 40. Stop and change strat after 160 rolls.
  16. I think I already done it Sir @luizoruivo. Check this out.
  17. Whatever that system is, it all end up busting me. We all need to trust our luck and have the guts to risk.
  18. That's what I'm trying to say before. If you have the guts to risk your money and you feel lucky then you need to trust and go gambling. If that system really works then PD and other casinos will close.
  19. I don't know if someone already suggested this one. I tried to check by using search but can't find one. I just wonder if possible for PD developer to put a voice chat channel here. It's call for some people love to talk to people and hear real voice. If there will be Voice Chat then we can confirm someone that he is a girl of a boy. Pretty cool. Just a suggestion.
  20. Casino always gets big profits because most people don't go home when they win. They always go for more and end up going home with nothing. If there are 100 gamblers in a casino if 3 wins and go home there are 97 left that for sure will bust before going home. Casino always win because it's the nature of a gambler when the casino will never close they will still continue to play and hope for more even they already won enough.
  21. I used to preroll before when I'm hunting big payouts. I also use 10x but I don't preroll. I will try to preroll again maybe that will really help.
  22. For sure nobody @Eminx3 because its still not launch.
  23. Interesting thread @MrNice23. We will see here who will say "I'm a real Girl" or "I am a she. Check my FB account". We can't really tell who is real women here. You can't even say it with FB accounts. Some create fake accounts in FB to fool people. I wonder how to know if they are real women. I know real women here because I heard them talking to shinjo's stream, like @77kdub. Who else are real girls here?
  24. What will be the use of PD when you will combine them. Stake has dice also. PD will be preserve for the one who love the blue and white dice. "Long Live PD".