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  1. Congrats @BettyBits mate. I hope you can have more of that in your stream. Kindly post here the link of your stream. I will be there to watch... Good luck.
  2. I started crypto gambling last 2017. Started forum first before doing gambling.
  3. It affect my play a bit for I can't have more time to online compared when Im at the office. My net at home is limited while at the office unlimited. Can't cash in like before. I having hardtime looking where to cash in for most establishment are closed.
  4. I never saw a crazy bet like that too. Like risking 100 BTC in one bet. Seen 4 btc but not more than 10. I agree that if you can't afford to loss then quit gambling. But a gambler always quit a while but will comeback sooner.
  5. I started gambling since young age like 10 years old, but talking bout online gambling? I started online gambling way back 2017. But what I am after was to have extra income. Until Primedice introduced to me by a friend who already passed away. We have each different stories in gambling. But your online gambling journey is a common story like most gamblers. Sometimes winning sometimes losing. But we enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing your stories. I hope you will have more winning stories in the future. Good luck mate.
  6. Primedice maybe not the number 1 online casino anymore now. But still the one who started online crypto gambling. I am on stake sometimes but mostly here in PD. If PD will be out then I will be on stake but not most of the time.
  7. Indeed it is. But if you have chance to bet on 1.01x with 100 btc. Will you dare to do it? That's an easy 1 BTC in one roll. I really love that too mate. That will be history. 2% chance of red is scary when you are not sure of the fairness. You need to trust the site like 100% to do that.
  8. There a lot of topic to create but it's depends on the poster on how to create it more interesting that others will love to discuss it.
  9. My strategy mostly don't work. So I just play random strat to what will comes out to my mind. Playing and having fun and don't mind your bets mostly brings good result. But I think there is really a good math to earn a good profit. You should have focus to acheive.
  10. I have seen lots of crazy bets made by High Rollers. 1 BTC, 2 BTC to 4 BTC. That is possible for those rich gamblers. They don't care of losing that big. One of that High Rollers discuss on betting more. He/she mentioned betting 100 BTC on 1.01x payout. Which is very scary for average gamblers. In my entire life on online gambling, I have never seen a huge bet like that. Seen that on other gambling like cockfight derby. It's better because you are sure that your bet depends on which side you bet. It's 100% sure not manipulated. But betting it online is crazy. You need much trust to the site to do that. It's really convincing when you think that the percentage of hitting green is 98%. That's a high percentage of having 1 btc in one bet. If have 100 BTC I will never risk on betting all in with 1.01x. That's not a good idea. How bout you guys? Will you do it? Have you seen a bet like that?
  11. Awesome mate. That was a good hit earned with your guts and optimism. I made a huge bet but the payout was 2x only. I never made more than 2x bet with more than 20k.
  12. Focusing on wagering big here so that you can get a badge is very risky. Big bets on lesser payouts cannot be trusted. That always lead you to rage bets. You will try to chase losses when you get red with huge bet. But it can be successful doing 2x with martingale but need higher bankroll to chase and recover. Maybe risky but better than 1.5x below.
  13. That usually happen. When you think you already climb up much you are tempted to increase bet to rush the win. But that increases percentage to quick bust. The feeling of confident will temp you to increase bet and not thinking you already lessen the number of rolls you can have. Which means if got more reds there you will be busted if you keep going abd don't have limit of bet amount.
  14. It can never be avoided. I always check my profit and lost. But I think it's effective. Playing without worry and just having fun mostly end up good profit. Greed always ebd up bust.
  15. I agree with you mate. Faucet can attract faucet farmer not real player of casino. Faucet is just for newly established site.
  16. It is not normal to feel happy after losing. Everybody hates losing. But if you are willing to accept of the negative result then you will not sad but not happy as well. I am mostly not happy of my game. Reaching goal is frustrating when you badly need it. I always enjoy the game even with a regretful move. So Winning is happiness and losing not always sadness.
  17. Pressure is one factor of lossing focus. In gambing or even in other events that the outcome will depends on you. You will feel pressure when there is doubt and fear. In gambling, fear of losing your money gives pressure. But if you don't care if whatever happens win or bust you enjoy it, then there will be no pressure.
  18. I never experienced here reaching post limit. But I remember I reached limit on stake forum. I love the heart tag in your name when you post 10 minimum.
  19. A gambler always think positive. If you already reached 1300 profit then you know you can make it more. Sometimes it's worth sometimes not. It only depends on your luck and focus.
  20. This week challenge made my .002 ltc to .065 ltc by just hunting 78x twice in a row. But after few minutes I became bored and try to roll it in random strat. sadly end up busted. Pretty hard to hit that 78x in a row when you are hunting it, but I know it's easy when you just play without aiming to hit that.
  21. It can help attract players but most of it will alts and miners. Reasons why it's removed because if abuse. Rain is a good replacement.
  22. Awesome mate. Thanks for sharing. I hope there will be transparent mode also. Or background can be applied
  23. PD still have more surprises I guess. More features will be added in the future. The question is when? Technology is evolving so PD will also evolve.
  24. Nice choice mate. But locking vault will not stop a gambler to gamble. If in his mind he got something that he can get in the future then he will probably loan or do something just to gamble. Self control is needed.
  25. I think a daily win is just awesome. Player that can manage to do that is a pro. I think there are some who knows how to do it. Let's just wait if he/she will share the strat.