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  1. I agree with you mate. Faucet can attract faucet farmer not real player of casino. Faucet is just for newly established site.
  2. I love the positivity that it will really go more. But Bitcoin currently dropping and probably will go down below $10,000. No worries it is just a good chance of buying rate.
  3. It is not normal to feel happy after losing. Everybody hates losing. But if you are willing to accept of the negative result then you will not sad but not happy as well. I am mostly not happy of my game. Reaching goal is frustrating when you badly need it. I always enjoy the game even with a regretful move. So Winning is happiness and losing not always sadness.
  4. Pressure is one factor of lossing focus. In gambing or even in other events that the outcome will depends on you. You will feel pressure when there is doubt and fear. In gambling, fear of losing your money gives pressure. But if you don't care if whatever happens win or bust you enjoy it, then there will be no pressure.
  5. I never experienced here reaching post limit. But I remember I reached limit on stake forum. I love the heart tag in your name when you post 10 minimum.
  6. A gambler always think positive. If you already reached 1300 profit then you know you can make it more. Sometimes it's worth sometimes not. It only depends on your luck and focus.
  7. This week challenge made my .002 ltc to .065 ltc by just hunting 78x twice in a row. But after few minutes I became bored and try to roll it in random strat. sadly end up busted. Pretty hard to hit that 78x in a row when you are hunting it, but I know it's easy when you just play without aiming to hit that.
  8. The price of Bitcoin now crossed $10,000 and starting to climb up a bit more. What do you think? Will Bitcoin continue it's climb up that it will break its all time high record before 2021? Or This is already the peak and a rapid drop will be expected? Share you opinion.
  9. It can help attract players but most of it will alts and miners. Reasons why it's removed because if abuse. Rain is a good replacement.
  10. Awesome mate. Thanks for sharing. I hope there will be transparent mode also. Or background can be applied
  11. PD still have more surprises I guess. More features will be added in the future. The question is when? Technology is evolving so PD will also evolve.
  12. Nice choice mate. But locking vault will not stop a gambler to gamble. If in his mind he got something that he can get in the future then he will probably loan or do something just to gamble. Self control is needed.
  13. I think a daily win is just awesome. Player that can manage to do that is a pro. I think there are some who knows how to do it. Let's just wait if he/she will share the strat.
  14. You will be stressed if you will bust a money for other things. Make sure to just gamble extra money. Don't chase lost fir it will end up lossing more.
  15. Challenges here differ in difficulties every week. There were easy that I manage to join and post my entry. I tried to participate most of the time but I am always tempted to play and just aim to win and not to complete the challenge.