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  1. Just don't chase your losses. Try to be patient and play safer. You will recover it slowly, little by little. Don't force it in just one game. Because if you will do that and you don't have extreme luck, for sure you will fail and will end up lossing more.
  2. My goal in gambling is just to have 1 btc win in a game... But never accomplished it because I'm too scared to gamble more.
  3. I think Bitcoin will have a huge climb at the end quarter of 2019 not 2018..
  4. I think about the losses but it doesn't affect me. Because I think PD let me enjoy and win more than losing.
  5. Never experienced winning 1 btc in just a game. But in my gambling life I did.
  6. Best Character: Jon Snow House: Stark Most Hated Villain: Joffrey Loved Villain: ? Hate villain Most Hated Character: Cersei
  7. I love bitcoin because it's my first crypto. I hate Doge maybe because I don't have that.
  8. A malware that targets users in discord and slacks discussing crypto was discovered by a security researchers. The malware attacks by impersonating administrator or key people of the crypto related chat group. I'm worried because I am a user of discordapp and slacks. But I don't think it can affect Windows too. I think the malware control your clipboard and swap Bitcoin address when you paste it. To all users of Discord and Slacks, when you do transaction double check the address if that really the address you are sending. Source: https://cointelegraph.com/news/dumb-macos-malware-attacks-slack-discord-users-discussing-crypto
  9. I just late of that @Dan. I hope the next top 5 i'm included. Good promotion PD. Good luck to all.
  10. I think we have the same doing in fighting stress after a bust. Eat somethin to satisfy ourselves.
  11. Yeah. They should update the info about that too. Or is it Bitcoin only valid for jackpot. But it's not as urgent as something because noone can hit that jackpot.
  12. I'm just curious guys if you do the same thing I am doing after busting. I usually spam in chat then out and then go somewhere to look for food and eat a lot to get rid of stress because of busting. Busting like 500K BTC is painful for me. Bout you guys? What you do after busting?
  13. I'm just being optimistic. It's hard to believe for now but it's like a run from 2013 to 2017. We really don't expect Bitcoin to reach $20,000 on 2017 but it did. I hope it will happen again and it will be more that what it's record price.
  14. We all love to see it rising again mate. We don't expect it to be breaking its record now but we really like it to climb up again and not drop so much.