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  1. It doesn't require skills for sure. It's all about luck and math.
  2. There are lots of speculations, earlier before those coins are launched people who supported it will always lift it up by saying it will be the coin that surpass bitcoin. But after a long period of time Bitcoin still on top.
  3. Maybe it is common to us. I think it is a gambler thing. We too are common mate use that 11x and busted all the time.
  4. Dad: Son if You got zero in the exam again. I Dont want you to be my son anymore. Son: Okay Uncle
  5. Thank for making it clearer but I really get what you mean. They really see Bitcoin as a treat to their current system.
  6. I will just trust that prediction. Maybe just a little investment will do so that I will not regret if it will be that way.
  7. I guess it is @UltraChief. Maybe this new system will stop what they are doing right now we really don't know what it is. But for sure they are benefited by that.
  8. Han2x


    Welcome mate. Good luck and enjoy..
  9. I don't know what you mean but I tried playing using iPad and it's still good. You can ask support maybe they can answer your question or can help you to improve it for you...
  10. I think I already figured it out. Maybe you mentioned it right that I maybe posted it at the wrong section. I will be careful next time. But I hope a notification is sent to me. Thanks mate that help.
  11. Awesome. I will try that strat later. Are still doing it mate?
  12. When i'm using mobile phone and having limited data I always turn off animation. I think animation makes my phone lag.
  13. Nice one mate. You made 0.25LTC to 2.0LTC in just 20 hours. That 49.5x is a high risk multiplier I think you got very lucky that time. I busted .05 LTC using only 5.05x but with 45% on loss increase and .00000005 LTC base bet. This 5.05x also turn .000016 to .02 LTC before in just 30 minutes. I the faster it can give you profit the faster it can but you.
  14. It's cool @Swakto mate. Just a friendly advice stay like that and don't be addicted to gambling. It will worsen your problem if you have little problem. Glad to hear that you are still in control. Don't let gambling addiction control your life.