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  1. It really happens to people addicted to something. Like when you are addicted to video games you will dream being part of it. When you are addicted of gambling you will dream of winning or losing big with games you always played. I remember when I dreamt playing PD with just one roll and hit 1 btc profit.
  2. It's totally possible because someone did hit 77.77 twice in a row but not qualified because of the bet amount requirements. Minimum bet of 10k satoshi to hunt that can be done. But you will need a long time. Million rolls possible to hit jackpot.
  3. So we should not be sad when we bust in Primedice. Let's just put that in mind that what you bust will help others. Good thing.
  4. Reason why they are avoiding because they don't want you to borrow money from them. They think it will be hard for you to pay them when you are so broke.
  5. It is for sure. You will not gamble if you are not greed. Wanting to earn money in easy way is greed. Why not earn it by working and doing jobs that will be paid. It is greed for that made you gamble.
  6. Sometimes I quit and sometimes still continue. It depends on how much I hit. If I hit 900x with small bet amount I will reset and change seeds then hunt again until I hit it with more bet amount.
  7. I just wonder why someone bets huge amount in dicing. Sometimes I feel it's hard to win in dicing. But there also times when I feel that It's easy to win in dicing. It really depends on the mode. It is really easy to win in dice when you have a huge bank roll but you need to risk a huge amount using smaller payout. Slowly but surely you can have a profit but will took you much time to make it more. But there is a risk in that which you should be careful. On the other game which I really like like Plinko in other site is easy to play and don't need strategy for me but just luck to just see the balls drop on huge payout. Poker and slots on other site is fun too. But why other people stay on dice game. I don't really know my reason too. I just like to watch the animation and sometimes I just feel it's the easiest way to recover. I am not sure of that but I am thinking that way. How about you guys? Which do you prefer dice or other games? Why?
  8. Martingale works for the a short period of time but It will not last long that will made you satisfied or reach your goal profit. When you do that you need to put a limit. I you see that your balance cannot survive in few more reds then you need to leave it and change strat.
  9. I think this will be the start of the bull. It will reach more that 12,000$ now before September ends.
  10. I'm here in forum for few reasons. To learn something or get hints and tips from other users. To join some giveaways and to earn some from what forum will pay you on your post.
  11. I did sometimes when I'm so pissed off all I want to do after is to be in trouble. The sure thing that will happen is the mute.
  12. Casinos are tricky. I've seen it in many movies I don't know if it's true but I think it is. They let us win first and if they figure it out that we can't control our greed they will let us play more and more until we don't really know how much we care. But if you are bright enough to know that after winning you will go out and never come back so that what you get will never be get back from you. Greed is the main reasons of losing. I am pretty sure of that. There are people who already won much but just keep on going thinking they still have luck to have more than that. So the end of the story is they got nothing anymore. So if you have already much profit get out and comeback if you have less again. Just don't think of having more, just enough.
  13. Maybe you need to change your Video Card. Have you tried refreshing the browser or tried other browser? Of to make sure ask help to support.
  14. I think I did but it's not in here. I never win big here in PD and I'm a member of PD 2017. How I wish bro.