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    Real Life Pictures!

    Really interesting to see some fellows in real ,hopefully i will post mine after Edwarded post his snap as he promised.
  2. The fight is over my friend . The judges robbed the results and no way Horn could have won the fight ,it was a dirty fight and i am sure the fight is fixed.
  3. Even i was skeptical to put any major investment in bitcoin when the price was around $250 and never expected that it will come back to the present valuation,but i was constantly monitoring the prices and i did purchase some coins around$300 and sold everything for a huge profit when it touched $800 ,i am yet to purchase a bulk amount after that.
  4. NaaT


    Except from OP no one really thought that the price would hit $1300 this month and no one could predict that unless you had inside information about the review petition to SEC about the approval of ETF.
  5. Which site showed you the price of $1360. The price is yet to see those kind of valuation and with the recent review by the SEC there is a possibility that it could reach those levels.
  6. planning is always good,sometimes we see a green after 3 reds ,but most of the time it defers and i had busted a lot playing that game. I am not sure greed was taking control but sometimes you get frustrated and you go all in. going all in is suicide with 90% win chance. but when betting high and you got enough green, just reduce bet and start again. but don't use same pattern consistently, else its a bust I know patience is the key,but i do lose my temper when i keep on hitting reds consistently .i am taking a break from gambling as my wife thinks that i am spending more money in gambling.
  7. It is a good win,i got lucky in primedice during December when i busted .2 and then from 0.05 able to reach 0.7 but busted again and reached .5 and withdrew 0.25 and busted the rest.
  8. planning is always good,sometimes we see a green after 3 reds ,but most of the time it defers and i had busted a lot playing that game. I am not sure greed was taking control but sometimes you get frustrated and you go all in.
  9. pre rolls like 500x lol lucky it didnt hit Congrats on getting the win. looks like everyone pre rolls before going for these rolls.
  10. Yes my wife knows that i do gamble as she also started rolling in PD for a while.
  11. When i first started out i used to roll with 90% win chance but i found that it is not a sure way to win coins and 2x 3x are always my way to game.
  12. That is one hell of a lucky day, i dream of having that winning run.Did you loose everything after that or did you withdraw everything.
  13. I did have a collection of coins when i started mining using my graphic card around 2011 ,i do not remember exactly ,what i remember is i had the private keys stored in my private folders in megaupload and one copy in my desktop but during that phase i was busy with my real life and forgot about that until 2014,i could not find my private keys stored in my system nor mega was running at the time to retrieve my keys,i do not even know my address,because i never really thought this would becomes so huge back then.It was the worst decision but no regrets as i do not live my regrets.
  14. Right when i was a kid i was fond of computers and sports ,represented my state in my jr days in athletics and was a good cricket player as i represented and played for university but sports does not give you a future in India ,if IPL was around during my playing days ,sure i would have got into any team.I did my graduation in electronic engineering but ended up working in the software industry until i quit and started my thing,all the way it is going smooth as i expected as a kid.
  15. NaaT

    Do you smoke??

    @ Carollzinha It is true that it is hard to stop smoking completely ,but i do smoke but not like i used to be when i was in college. I do have my control over my habit and i make sure i will never smoke in front of my wife or kid.
  16. lenovo was my first laptop ,then i purchased Toshiba satellite series and now my sister is using that and my current lap is Dell ,i didnt update in the last three years because it is a heavy duty machine. I have a junk of PC hardware started with Pentium 2 all the way to i5,apart from the latest hardware the rest are dumped in my godown.
  17. First and foremost if you are planning for a surgery why dont you spend some time working out and see what the result is before going for any procedure. If anyone is to like you ,he or she must like you for what you are rather than going under a knife thinking that they will love you more.This is my humble opinion.
  18. Martial arts is my favorite past time,used to drill most of the day and shuffling back and forth with my work and family is another drill i do most of the time.
  19. What do you think about the situation in North Korea with their aggressive move towards nuclear testing and with the recent military drill and with Trump moving his troops to the North Korean border,what to make of the situation.Will we be seeing a direct conflict as trump is an emotional president who acts without thinking and nothing much is known about Kim Jong Un other than the notion that he is brutal with his reign. Hope it does not end up in a war as both countries might test their nuclear arsenal .
  20. Hi ,is there any in this forum into martial arts,if so i would like to know what type you are specialized in and have you been to professional fights. I am well versed in kalaripayattu and Marma Adi and i am sure most of you guys have not heard about it. It is the first martial arts in the world and almost all of the other martial arts originated from Kalari. I am practicing for the past 20 plus years and i have never been to a professional fight yet,but i was invited a couple of years back for a MMA bout ,but my parents did not want me to pursue that ,which is pretty lame but my wife is supportive and one of my friend is fighting in one FC .May be i will make my debut if everything comes together because i would like to test myself.
  21. There is no specific timings for happy hours,just be active and they will let you know about it ,it is just random .
  22. Hi, anyone here into sports gambling .I am sure whether i can start a topic regarding this ,but since i am seeing more strategies about playing dice ,i would like to hear from fellow gamblers about your interest in other forms of gambling. My favorite sporting events are football,cricket,MMA and tennis and i am pretty decent in predicting the matches. PS:If this topic is not permitted here,then admin can delete it. cheers
  23. From now on we will hear about HH in this forum right. Never saw any post in btctalk like stunna used to do in the past.
  24. I did have my wins but not so much luck as of lately.There is pretty much nothing evident,just a couple of beers and back again.