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    one2ten reacted to 3mily in Your cashout point   
    Depends a lot when you bought in. For many ppl anything in the 10-15% profit area is looking very good.
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    one2ten reacted to 3mily in August 1st 2017   
    Do you understand what will happen to Bitcoin?
    Just vote YES or NO, so I can see if it's worth writing an easy to understand version for everyone. Or I can just go with a normal technical one.
    Don't spam with comments  just a vote will do. Also, the names of voters are not made public, so you do not need to be ashamed that you do not know. I expect honest answers.
    Thank you
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    one2ten reacted to OlegBarca in 0.01 giveaway in stream live!!! (20.05.17)   
    In order to participate, need to reply your PD name,Twich name, need to have avatar in PD forum!
    And of course need to follow my channel in twich! 
    Like this: PD username:OlegBarca
                  Twich name:oleg_Barca
    Post ONCE only. Your post number will reflect your entry number. I will use random.org to select. Will be 2 winner 0.005!!!
    Need to be live to win this BIG prize, I will ask in the chat and you must reply within 1min. Only 1 acc per person.
    I will sum up the result (20.06.17) LIVe in my stream in time 20:00 PM GMT+0 TIMEZONE If will be changes,I will let you know.
    GL all!!! https://www.twitch.tv/oleg_barca
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    one2ten reacted to maliafka in 0.01 giveaway in stream live!!! (20.05.17)   
    username: maliafka
     Twich name: maliafka0
    can u tell us please and time u will stream... in case we can be around and see your stream Oleg. and God luck !!
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    one2ten reacted to 3mily in How much bitcoin is that really important to you?   
    Yes you are perfectly right but unfortunately even though you as a customer get reed of FOREX and other fees, the company that accepts the payment soon or later will have to face his fees at exchanges at the final of the accounting period when preparing to register the sale on books for tax purposes. So with this scenario also given the volatility that Bitcoin faces now i can only imagine that prices will include some sort of tax and fee making it a bit more higher in value as compared to FIAT payment. With the news that starting 1st of July Bitcoin will be considered legal currency in Australia i foresee a big growth of companies that will implement Bitcoin at a faster pace. We have good times coming ahead. So i wish for everyone a lucky and safe gambling.
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    one2ten reacted to 3mily in If you bought $100 of bitcoin 7 years ago, you'd be sitting on $75 million now   
    I get that is is really really frustrating looking at something and knowing you missed it from the start. It is very hard to know it all specially with new things like Bitcoin. I see many complaining that "if they only new it". Let me tell you its is the same thing just like with the apple shares ( AAPL ) that are trading very high right now, if you knew that it will gain so much value everyone that was an investor at the time the apple company was still in the early days and shares were at minimum would have bought in and it is hard to estimate if the growth would be so high as it is today, probably not even near.
    The same thing applies to Bitcoin. So i say don't feel bad about missed opportunities just keep your eyes open for new ones. You can still buy Bitcoin today and hope to sell it at a higher price in the long run, or if you believe it will go down you have many options to short it. Or if you think Bitcoin is at a stage that it is to late for you to get in i recommend taking a look at the rest of Alternative Cryptocurrencies, there are so many choices out there, just take a look : https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Comparison_of_cryptocurrencies  
    So good luck and may the rolls you make on Primedice be as many greens as possible. It is currently the easiest way to get Bitcoins.
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    one2ten reacted to 3mily in Peach japan Airline to Accept Payment in Bitcoin   
    "Peach is Japan's first true LCC bringing low fares and a casual quality of air travel to the people of North Asia and beyond. Based at Kansai International Airport."
    So its is understandable being a low cost airline company the marketing department does anything to attract new customers. By definition a low cost can only offer so much value for your money so trying new things like adopting latest technology and with this Bitcoin cryptocurrency payment processing is always a smart move. Will just have to wait another 6 months or so to actually see it happening.
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    one2ten reacted to maliafka in Introduce your pet! Primedice farm.   
    Here is my Kitty too, Best Kitty in the World      His name is Mishka in englisch translate would mean TeddyBear 

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    one2ten reacted to Carollzinha in Introduce your pet! Primedice farm.   
    This is my Kitty in her badass mode and then sleeping (she won't sleep anywhere but my couch or bed) 

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    one2ten reacted to 3mily in 2 in a row   
    After a long run and loosing 100k with larger bets on 9900x reset current stats, claimed my beloved 100 sat faucet and started the so called pre roll warm up that i do when i hunt 9900x , i always roll with minimum 1 sat never roll 0 just a superstition of mine lol. And then i hit this , pretty nice since i never hit 2 times in a row anything so far and i rolled quite a lot. Check it :

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    one2ten reacted to 3mily in 3mily here   
    Thank you so much
    takes the kisses cools them with champagne on cold ice and sends them back to Serbia! 
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    one2ten reacted to 3mily in 3mily here   
    Thank you  Great to be here
    drinks Heineken , puts the rest under the bed for easy reach
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    one2ten reacted to maliafka in 33x 50base bet 7onlose   
    is not work for me too.. just try and and don`t get yet green. i stop 
    i am glad to hear u can win with this. Good luck
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    one2ten reacted to maliafka in How much bitcoin is that really important to you?   
    for holidays.. i like to visit new places 
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    one2ten reacted to 3mily in 3mily here   
    @ledust <3 u 2 , hmmm is that new avatar ?
    Ajax Amsterdam , too bad they lost to Man Utd. i wanted them to win to wipe that smug look off Mourinho's face with the fucking expensive players like Pogba that did nothing the whole season
    P.S. i love the Heineken commercial with that sweet terrier of his

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    one2ten reacted to 3mily in 3mily here   
    Hi my name is Emilia , am 29 years old currently live in Gothenburg , Sweden.
    I work in accounting , also i spend a lot of my time*( like more than 90% of awake time ) in front of the computer.
    I like to travel , drive and also gamble , huge fan of soccer and beer  also sports bets ofc. ( Favourite teams in no specific order IFK Göteborg home team , FC Barcelona in Spain , Chelsea in UK , Bayern München in Germany , Juventus in Italy , Paris Saint Germain in France , Ajax Amsterdam in The Netherlands !)
    I wish you guys best of luck with gambling , my suggestion is never ever ! 3v3r  ! gamble more than you afford to loose, this way loose some win some and the game is fun   
    P.S. i like Gothic Rock and also many other genre and as some of you may have noticed i am a harsh and cruel bitch , don't tolerate stupidity and always speak my mind  so dont be offended its not personal !
    Also a big SHOUT OUT !!! to some ppl that made me feel welcomed and could actually relay to by having a normal conversation and fun with.
    So in no specific order i would like to thank: Carol , Yash , David , Maliafka , xLittlegirly , RoBear , One2ten , FanEagle , Cordiceps , TheFrog , Bojana , Irena , hui , Maverick , Magik and last but not least LeDust  ty guys.
    Also Favourite color is green , nr is 3 , beer is Heineken , soda is Pepsi ... more to come
    And yes a big fan of the 50 Shades series , even if the movie nowhere close to the books but not that bad either , thankfully casting helped
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    one2ten reacted to Edward in Giveaway #2 What's your biggest win story?   
    Awesome giveaway thanks mate
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    one2ten reacted to 3mily in BTC Record loss WOW   
    Bitcoin sank as much as 19 percent, putting the digital currency on pace for its worst week since January 2015, as volatility climbs following a record-setting surge in the price.
    After flirting with $3,000 on Monday, the cryptocurrency has retreated to as low as $2,076.16 in intraday trading. Other digital coins are also falling. The decline coincides with a slide in technology stocks that began after a report from Goldman Sachs Group Inc. warned that low volatility in the biggest tech stocks may be blinding investors to risks like cyclicality and regulation.
    i would have bet anything that the price will keep over 3000 until the 1st of August
    read more : https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-06-15/bitcoin-tumbles-most-in-more-than-two-years-after-record-run