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    one2ten got a reaction from CaptainLorca in Shapeshift for Alt Currencies, Thoughts?   
    interesting idea maybe should make a poll for users to vote at least so see how many would use this 
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    one2ten got a reaction from mgod in An open letter for everyone   
    Another shit topic to get likes from other alts , make it longer next time really work for it  reported this off topic waste of time
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    one2ten got a reaction from mmhaimhai in An open letter for everyone   
    Another shit topic to get likes from other alts , make it longer next time really work for it  reported this off topic waste of time
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    one2ten reacted to hui in [0.06 a week] Forum Heroes!   
    And the winners are:
    1st: 3mily
    2nd: ravenyvolle
    3rd: mmhaimhai
    4th: Bes19
    5th: Carollzinha
    Thanks to all winners for creating posts that other people appreciated!
    As mentioned above we will implement some changes so expect this giveaway to return soon!
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    one2ten reacted to hui in 5th Talkative Giveaway 0.15 BTC Pool   
    Just a short heads up: There are currently 9 entries with wrong format! While none of them is close to reaching their goal it might be worth it to verify if your entries follow the format in the opening post. Thanks!
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    one2ten reacted to DMTripp27 in POLL : Who is the best streamer ?   
    my favorites streamers are BetonDrew and Tonkaaaap however they don't play dice them play poker. I haven't seen the stgteam yet but i'm most excited to see mrbuttons stream and i believe wolfbain is gonna plan to stream sometime soon 
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    one2ten reacted to mgod in An open letter for everyone   
    I dont understand your point and I wonder why people are upvoting this post and praising you. 
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    one2ten reacted to 3mily in An open letter for everyone   
    I didn't understand anything except that you are thankful for moderators and no hate just love, but maybe others can read your mind. Good luck
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    one2ten reacted to mmhaimhai in An open letter for everyone   
    Okay first of all, thank you for the admins and moderators who is always here checking from time to time and working hard for the improvement of this forum. Thanks for the opportunity of earning some bits (maybe not that much compare to what we lose from pd gambling site and not much to make a living, lol this forum is not primary made to earn bucks for living by the way- if i understand it well.) Thanks for all the funds pd is giving to have some fun giveaways as well as those users spending for their own giveaways. Thanks for everyone posting informative threads.
    Now everyone, if your really active well of course you already know how life in this forum is going. As ive said mods are giving much effort to make this forum successful. I just cant understand why on almost new policy seems like lots of person never get contented? Abusers always been abusers. Others always find something negative to brag about. Is that really our nature?. No matter how we exert efforts and give our best, if people in this community doesn't oblige themselves to be discipline and responsible enough then this forum will never be a happy place for us. Admins effort would be nothing if members are too selfish and self centered. This community is just like what we have in real world where there would be no leader good enough if his people dont support him. We have this forum to share our ideas and knowledge about cryptocurrencies, good strategies in gambling and mainly to help each other so lets stop complaining, follow rules, and try to appreciate every single effort from every members. There is no such big or small contributions i think. Everyones opinions, suggestions are counted, this forum is here for us to discuss about our ideas isnt it?. Misunderstandings are common off course, given the fact that we have communication barriers- not everyone here are fluent in english and lucky those who have their own lounge to use their native tounge. I write this letter not because i just want to but im hoping somehow it serves as an eye opener. To make this a better community, we should learn how to respect each other. Instead of bashing and trolling, why not help each other in the best way that we can do. No hate just Love.
    Thanks for reading. Goodluck everyone. Keep rolling.
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    one2ten reacted to Carollzinha in James Bond 100k Giveaway   
    Roll a 0.07 (win or loss, does not matter) with a minimum bet of 100 satoshis to be able to win.
    Prize: 25k for each one of the first 4 users (NO ALTS ARE WELCOME!)
    Only bets ID's from 17,620,800,000 will count.
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    one2ten reacted to maverick528 in Store your coins safely   
    "Paper" can also be a sheet of engraved inox steel, doesn´t necessarily means real paper.
    You can have a backup copy of a "paper" wallet in a safe box in a bank, doesn´t need energy.
    Thought mentioning this would make the topic more complete for people that don´t know other ways to store the BTCs.
    BTW, the "recovery code" that you mention in case the hardware wallet gets damaged, who keeps it, where and in which form?. TY for the info.
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    one2ten reacted to maverick528 in gpu mining rig guide   
    lots of information is needed to make this decision, power consumption and the current information about how much you mine hour/day/week on each possible coin.
    Most ppl dont know what ROI is, so maybe they make wrong decisions.
    For example (fictitous numbers), if u invest US$3k on a mining rig, lets say you produce US$100 crypto each month BUT if you use US$50 on electricity for this month, you are winning 50. BUT  if those US$3k inside a bank produce US$10 a month, then you are really winning 40 a month, so it will take you more than 70 months to recover your investment, and that is assuming electricity will cost the same in next years, and assuming the cryptos u mine will still be around. Also the difficulty in mining rises with time so you produce less and less coins each month........
    Many ppl discovered the hard way that they never got back the monet they used for mining rigs. And this is specially true if purchasing dedicated ASIC hardware....
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    one2ten reacted to 3mily in what is bitcoin hard fork   
    Better to ask that in the Primedice specific section
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    one2ten reacted to 3mily in The difference between Ether and Btc   
    First of all anyone who wants to enter this debate show of hands if you know the difference between 
    read this : http://www.coindesk.com/ethereum-classic-explained-blockchain/ and after get back here with arguments why is or is not a real threat to Bitcoin  i love this stuff @JstLikeMagyk this is some quality post, would love to have more users involved
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    one2ten reacted to 420BlazeItFgt in who are the two camps ?   
    I'm rooting for Bitcoin Unlimited here. They intend to make changes which the core team don't even plan on making (block sizes, number of transactions etc) and Bitcoin Unlimited promises these along with a lot of more efficient undertakings.
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    one2ten reacted to maliafka in i am maliafka   
    Thank you Caroll 
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    one2ten reacted to maliafka in who are the two camps ?   
    i`m not an expert and i dont even pretend to be.. but i choice bitcoin unlimited because i think that capacity increase of the bitcoin transaction is good and the block size future is unlimited.. also where the name come from.. the bad part is the hard fork is a must and miners have more control, but that i like
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    one2ten reacted to 3mily in who are the two camps ?   
    I am pretty sure that you heard about bitcoin core vs bitcoin unlimited, right ?
    On one side you have developers in north america called bitcoin core a big company with many developers who rasied millions of dollars and they have worked on their own proposal to make the bitcoin protocol better, more scalabe and faster, and on the other side there are people in asia doing the same thing called bitcoin unlimited protocol.
    Who's side are you on ?

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    one2ten reacted to 3mily in what is SEGWIT   
    So after a very simplified explanation of hard fork it is time for the next one that is : what is SEGWIT ?
    For this will have to understand how a bitcoin blockchain transaction is working at the moment. In every bitcoin blockchain transaction you got one block of 1 MB size with many layers of information. To get the basic understanding i will only use two layers the header and the transaction. In the transaction along many inputs and outputs there is one important code that holds your signature and your public key that are used to confirm a legitimate transaction. This code has has a lot of data now so the 1 MB blocks are getting full making the network clogged. This is the so called scaling issue of bitcoin that SEGWIT is trying to fix with a different solution opposing the hard fork i described earlier.
    So The Segregated Witness proposal to speed things up and scale the bitcoin protocol is to take away that code and put it into a separate block called an extended block this way reducing the size of a normal block making it faster. So now you will have the header and the transaction plus the extended block.
    This is segwit as simple as possible.
    Make sure to follow for a more in detail explanation.If you have any questions you can leave a comment below.
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    one2ten got a reaction from maliafka in i am maliafka   
    hey and welcome, hope you win a lot of btc so you can visit the rest of the world too
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    one2ten got a reaction from youngman33 in what is bitcoin hard fork   
    will primedice have to change to addapt to the new sistems ?
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    one2ten reacted to 3mily in what is bitcoin hard fork   
    So now i finally adres the so called bitcoin hard fork to try and explain it the easy way for the average Bitcoin user as it truns out from the poll i made not so long ago asking primedice users if they know or understand what they heard about to happen on the 1st of August this year.
    Will break this down in two parts first is : 1. what will happen ? and second is : 2. how does this affect you ?
    1. We are here because of disagreement regarding improvements that was needed to be done to bitcoin try to see it this way, bitcoin will split into two systems that will function in paralell. This will be the first of this kind so many still fight it because it will cost a lot for those who will actually do it. There is many technical issues regarding this split that i will not discuss here but rather adres it in other posts later on. So the basic idea is that the ledger will be replicated on both systems so that your key used to control a certain amount will be used to controll it on both system at the same time. With this you will have double the amount of coins worth only half or even less then the original one you had before the split. Doubling the amount of coins the price will suffer and i have high hopes that it will only be temporarily but no one can tell. 
    2. in this next part i hope to answer the important question you guys are thinking right now and that is what will happen to my bitcoin. There will be most likely the two situation like when it really is your bitcoin or not. If you have direct control of the key after the split it is up to you to make the decision what to do with it, also keep in mind that rushing into anything will not be a smart move, so many including myself  recommend waiting to let things calm down for a while after the split and get you in a better perspective so you can make a better choices, just wait , probably wont even be many new trades right after the split.
    The second category i doubt that will be relevant to the primedice user but ill say it any way, it is when you have invested in bitconins and you have most or at least a big part of bitcoins on one of the exchanges. If you do not withdraw them to a wallet that you control before the fork  you wont be able to choose what really happens to them.
    There will be other explanation too and a more technical version also in more detail.
    If you have any questions so far you can post in comments or just message me.
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    one2ten reacted to TheFrog in Store your coins safely   
    In order to prevent loosing your valuable BTC,ETH there are other ways to store your coins, than in a software wallet on your pc or online.
    Your pc can have a disk crash, oops i have no backup....., your pc can get infected with ransomware, you can get hacked, just to name a few things that can happen.
    Alternative is offline hardware wallet.
    These things look like a usb stick , they have high security and even if u break it down with a hammer your coins are still not gone, you can use then a recovery code with a new hardware wallet and your coins are back.
    I will name a few and place links to the makers of it ( i personally have no interests with these makers, its pure info for you)
    Read the specs because most of them support more than only BTC,ETH so find the one that fits your needs.
    Ledger Nano S https://www.ledgerwallet.com/
    Digital BitBox https://digitalbitbox.com
    KeepKey https://www.keepkey.com/
    Trezor https://trezor.io/
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    one2ten reacted to Cordiceps in PrimeDice based Memes   
    Hey guys as you know memes are very trendy nowadays ! I haven't seen so many about primedice but I think this could actually be a great idea for everyone ! 
    I think there is definetely much stuff to work with ^^ !!
    Ima start with some stuff so I hope you will enjoy, and I also hope some of you will create some more with me  !!

    This is 100% facts 

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    one2ten reacted to MrButtons in ᖫ✧MrButtons✧ᖭ || Post my daily grind results! || Follow my journey.   
    Hey guys and girls, today i decided to keep track of my profit and losses and see if i can manage to play more strict, i'm usually donking in huge bets lol.
    Anyway i've decided to keep track of everything for 30 days straight and see how far i get, i'll be trying to play more safe/modest. ( most of you probably already thinking ye ye! lol )

    So I'll be posting my daily results, my statistics are also live so you know i'm legit on the info!

    // Date: 22-06-2017
    Total Wagered: 260.06138201BTC
    Total Profit: -10.42472037BTC
    Today's Current Profit: + 0.23085658

    I'll keep this thread updated daily, and will also start streaming my games on twitch when i have figured out how to do it propperly.
    #follow me because as you know i will tip the living shit out of everyone.

    PS: ill probably keep updating this thread to improve it. ( i hope this is posted in the right section else move it where it's needed )