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  1. Another shit topic to get likes from other alts , make it longer next time really work for it reported this off topic waste of time
  2. 5 days left and is stil only 2607.29 today so it wont get to 3000
  3. thanks for the guid ill check it out
  4. heard about it never took the time to google it so no idea why to chose one over the other ...
  5. will primedice have to change to addapt to the new sistems ?
  6. u can probably opt out if you want nobody forces you to be in any giveaway
  7. ETH and Dodge but small amounts for now hope to buy more this year
  8. maybe if you have a lot and are also paranoid to high cost for low amount
  9. price is $344.45 (3.04%) still high so i dont think will go lower
  10. having bad internet sux and is the first thing you need when you stream, i remember magik having bad internet also thats why he is out agian after he was back in
  11. looooooooooooool this is good one :))) no matter the site they all suck when i loose and are the best when i win. saying they suck becose they caught you cheating is hillarious :))))
  12. nice. ill try and hit both, good luck guys
  13. is doesnt say first one to hit it will win , and with so low bet as 10 sat until the 1st of july more then 20 ppl can hit it. Then what ?
  14. @JstLikeMagyk what if more ppl hit the same number ? how will that go first posted first served ? not like they can split the prize
  15. here i go again hope it is high enough what do you mean ? he said it doesnt have to be 2 in row
  16. wich one the 33.33 or the 33.3 ? :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) BTW Happy Bitrhday man