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  1. I think it is indeed fair to lower the amount of wagered btc to reach a VIP status BTC Price has gone tenfold compared to a year and a half ago (or even a year ago I think).
  2. Please let it be 2 months or so from now.... so I can still workout a lot in gym
  3. All you want is to see us nude and enjoy our sixpacks
  4. Can't stay behind I guess MrVincenzo88 here
  5. Hello everyone, Since I have changed my settings that way that only friends can PM me, I have noticed that some users are spamming me with friend requests. The worst I had was like every 5 seconds a request by the same user (I think, maybe a bit of overdramatising there :P) I was thinking whether it is possible to implement the following: An user can send a maximum of 1 or 2 friend requests to a specific user a day. for example: Edward wants to be friends with me, but I dont want him in my friendlist, so I click away the request. He then starts spamming friend requests to me, driving me completely nuts. With the implementation, he can only send me 2 requests for 24 hours, then he gets an error stated that he could try again after 24 hours. Hope I could have explained it a bit and that I can get some support for this idea/suggestion. Yours MrVincenzo88
  6. awwww I am the friendly one thaaaaanks <3
  7. ergh.... so Mods and streamers are already white listed Then I would say, every Golden VIP user to be white listed (not that we need it I think xD) @ravenyvolle xtinepink @rack001 UnixPunk and I shouldn't forget @Bojana and @Irena and @Mirela as well
  8. oi! Whatcha talking about me eh Yeah, first year or so I havent chatted a lot, mostly because whenever I became active in the chatroom, hordes of beggars came flying into my face >.< It's much less now, and I ignore every beggar and put em in public chat as well Also, while I still am playing daily (and have chat off when I do) I love to be active in the chat after gambling
  9. You are cute as well ^^ You and your glasses <3
  10. Hell yeah Wolf! Our premium pornstar! <3
  11. This is me, but kinda high on LSD (Many thanks to @MrButtons for this hilariously picture <3 )
  12. I want to claim you in the near future Nah kidding you're a beautiful woman!
  13. Can I try it out with you?