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  1. Wow so cool ! First time i see this also only heard about it. I haven't hit one yet. Too bad that it didn't come with higher bet maybe like 1000 sat Good luck hitting more
  2. username: Zackisback Twich name: luk_stein77 Good Luck !
  3. Hello everyone, Lukas here 39, from Hungary. Love to gamble and like Bitcoin. May the FORCE be with you all! Good luck hitting as many greens as possible no matter how you play!
  4. Hej ! as swedish people say
  5. I nominate Hui, Robear, Ledust, Carollzinha, Xlittlegirly, Thefrog, Dan and Zoltan.
  6. Put a minimum requirement to participate like minimal wagered , how old or how new the account , number of bets and so on.
  7. Maybe a good idea to close topics that are no longer available to prevent spam!
  8. I could only think of one reasonable thing to do. Double it on Primedice !!!
  9. Bitcoin till the end ! Eth looks very suspicious and close to being Centralized. BTC and only BTC !
  10. Very good news, now i will be able to be payed in Bitcoins not AUD and just use it without loosing on exchange and fees.
  11. Hope you did not bet that it will be over 3000 'cause you will most certainly loose! But hey keep hope alive right ?
  12. That one caught my eye as well ! Many things can happen until the end of the year, even without the upcoming event that could have who knows what effect on the bitcoin, any other airline could as easily implement cryptocurrency payment system.
  13. I wish i also had surprises like this , i only loose so no surprise there. Congratulations are in order , nice hit.