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  1. username: yuvikaayuvi Joined date: 08.04.2017
  2. yuvikaa


    nice good luck for more
  3. usnername:yuvikaa thanks for the giveaway
  4. thanks for the giveaway. username: yuvikaayuvi date: 16.7.2017 11:30:00
  5. i have few xrp and lsk hope they grow like eth
  6. yuvikaa

    I m biggad

    hello alex how do u do ? good luck
  7. good luck and win more keep it green
  8. i will try my best to get this thing done
  9. hello jenn .. u will make some fortune here good luck
  10. good luck have fun here
  11. i like the interference on bitsler its different then in primedice
  12. yeah sis it will be stable maximum low it will reached around 2250 and max high will be around 4000 dollars it will stable in this range