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  1. They both have their pros and cons. Online is definitely convenient although it can sometimes be easier to gamble more than you intend. With offline casinos, it is feels like it is easier to realize how much you are gambling lol.
  2. Bet Editor isn't working Bet: 22103680505 Bet: 22103680530 Bet: 22103680554 Bet: 22103680577 Bet: 22103680603
  3. By hard wallet, do you mean hardware wallet? If so, it is definitely advisable to use one. They can protect your coins even in the event that your PC has malware on it as the private keys are stored in a separate device.
  4. Yeah, you always need to be careful when clicking any links as phishing attacks like this are quite common.
  5. I'm still using the normal mode and it works fine for me. Maybe I should give the night mode a try though and see if it causes less eye strain.
  6. Username: kolloh Joined date: 10.08.2014
  7. I still think Bitcoin will be going up in value. No reason for it to fall down yet. Assuming there are no issues after August 1st, I could see a spike in value coming soon.
  8. The risk of a fork is likely small, but it is best to store your coins offline in a wallet such as Electrum. I would wait before making any transactions on Aug 1st just to ensure there were no issues. Once the dust settles, you can start sending again.
  9. Yeah, better to bust then allow a hacker to get it. You should be sure to take steps to secure your PC/wallet to prevent further hacking issues. You may also want to look into a hardware wallet for the best security.
  10. Personally, I prefer online over in person poker. They are both fun but playing online is a lot more relaxing and you don't have to worry about giving off as many tells. You also don't need to tip the dealer There are benefits to playing in person though such as knowing that you aren't playing against bots or colluders.
  11. Wow nice hit with that 990x! Congrats!
  12. It is hard to stop gambling entirely and I'm sure you'll find that there is more gamblers on this forum. Anyone that stopped gambling altogether likely wouldn't hang out on gambling forums haha
  13. I'd rather exercise because I love to eat haha. But to be successful, you definitely need a combination of both.
  14. kolloh


    Welcome. Dice is really easy to learn so you shouldn't have too much issues. If you are new to bitcoin in general, there is plenty to learn!
  15. Yeah crazy it passed under $2000, looks like it is hovering around 2k right now