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  1. https://streamable.com/vyzm7 You can see that the speed was increased substantially when I double clicked the stop/start button after a win. Try it out, let me know if it works for you.
  2. This is a fun strategy when you only start with 100k! Profit 0.019 in one session from this. Awesome http://prntscr.com/g46f10
  3. This is a great story lmao. Nice job Raven.
  4. Gonna try to replicate this - how many hours did you spend rolling? http://prntscr.com/g3xjn5
  5. No problem for me. Tried another browser or disabling plugins? Maybe it's the DMT though.
  6. Great news Micro, thanks for the update.
  7. Username: Watsky Joined date: 01.03.2015
  8. It's really cool of you to give back like this - do you believe in karma? pd:watsky
  9. On mobile too! Nice roll bloomy.
  10. Looked over this guys, it's safe. I'm gonna use it, thanks derg.
  11. If you are still looking to fill these positions I would be glad to make it rain on PD. I've been a member since 2015 and have lost plenty to y'all (: I'm here for the fun, and I love to make it rain.
  12. You can do it man, good luck. Recovery in pieces (:
  13. https://news.bitcoin.com/this-happens-to-your-coins-during-a-bitcoin-hard-fork-and-possible-blockchain-split/ This explains how a fork affects bitcoins not held in local wallets really well. Put simply: you don't control your BTCs when they're held in PD, you don't have the private key - so you can't choose which road to take if a hard fork does happen, PD will either choose for you or provide you with both forms of coins. I'm not sure if PD has an official plan for a hard fork, but here is a popular contingency plan from Coinbase.