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  1. o f course the king of cryotos..... bitcoin
  2. vinka1976


    i am watching SABRINA, awesome serie
  3. vinka1976

    Whats the sexiest accent?

    omg french accent is so sexy
  4. sorry i could not be on your streaming, it was too late here, missing all times, good luck shinjo
  5. i had an abusive behaviour here, why? because i express whatever i want?, 

    1. vinka1976


      that's thought repression

      do you really think it matters to me? dont you? psssss no way

    2. vinka1976


      definitely all mods must be replaced for new people, most of them are really abusive in the way they talk and the power they think they have.i have seen along this time here that free expression doesnt exist, of course behavior is something that depens on the treatmeant you receive from others, if you are treated with respect you receive respect...... 

  6. you're definitely my favorite gambling girl.

  7. vinka1976

    Martingale. Y or N?

    martingale = martinfails autobet = autodeath
  8. vinka1976

    Shaved or not shaved?

    totally shaved
  9. could you write an example, not an explanation of the example
  10. hello shinjo, good luck, vinka1976
  11. vinka1976

    What is your most Loved & Hated coin in PD?

    i love btc , i hate bch
  12. i will receive it in the traditional way :), cryptos are going to be restricted in the future in my country i guess with all the situations you know
  13. vinka1976

    Did you save up using the vault?

    at the beginning when everything's a boom, or trend, i do it, but time aftet i bust i have to use what i have into the vault, but for now is not useful for me,ts my personal point of view, i will never ever use vault again