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    Absentt got a reaction from YashBitCoin in ūüŹÜ [0.05 BTC] Best Primedice Chat Poster Mid 2017   
    wolfbain, ledust, mrButtons, xlittlegirly
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    Absentt reacted to moisesolivar in Fully Automated | Script Decides the best combination for your balance   
    Link's at the bottom of the forum, it says "Primedice Bot". Or just go to bot.seuntjie.com
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    Absentt reacted to Carollzinha in Have this ever happened to you?   
    Yeah I know having the same number twice in a row is really hard but still not impossible to happen.. I know some of you already had it in the past weeks.
    But the question here is.. did you ever had this experience 2x in a really short time? Well, this is what happened to me today during my live stream.. had 2x that happening within 15 mins..
    Not sure if I could say that thing kind of this is funny or not when there is a Jackpot of over 100btc going on

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    Absentt reacted to Edward in 2 Million Users Giveaway!   
    Congratulations to the Primedice team on this massive feat. 
    We're giving away 1 BTC between everyone who meets the below criteria. Eg. if 50 people meet it, they all get 0.02. If 20 people meet it then they get 0.05. Etc.
    Conditions of Entry
    Over 100 chat messages
    Over 200 forum posts
    Over 20 posts during the giveaway
    Over 0.01 BTC wagered
    Basically you have to be an active member of the Primedice community! 
    How to enter
    Post your PD username in the following Format:
    Username: Zoltan
    Don't forget to make your stats visible otherwise we can't check your wagered amount!
    If you don't meet the requirements, post your Primedice username anyway and you will receive 0.001 BTC regardless. Only requirement is 0.01 BTC wagered.
    Details and actual standings can be seen here: https://giveaways.primedice.com/
    Thanks all!
    Giveaway closes on 10. July 2017 20:00 UTC.
    Use a Timezone Converter to find out when the giveaway ends in your local timezone.
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    Absentt reacted to 2amir2 in New Facuet Change   
    Simply makes you stronger!
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    Absentt reacted to Aembh in Will Bitcoin ever be worth $100,000?   
    I honestly don't know!
    "I'm sure that in 20 years there will either be very large transaction volume or no volume." -Satoshi Nakamoto
    Could constant rise eventually mean the same(any of the above)!?
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    Absentt reacted to Aembh in [0.01 BTC Bounty] Suggest an Achievement!   
    Tipping achievement for accumulated tip amount i.e. total amount of 0.1btc / 1btc / 10btc tipped etc...
    the problem is it can easily be done through tipping an alt account back and forth, over and over again...
    an achievement for the total time spent on prime dice, must design a dedicated "inactive" timer that stops the achievement from going further when user does not make any actions in a certain periof of time (e.g. 5minutes)
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    Absentt reacted to Aembh in When you hit 990x after loss ! Suprise   
    haha surprised indeed! U know when it comes to betting, many think of luck as the most important factor; If luck means making the right decisions with a good strategy & back up, then yes! Luck IS the most important factor! Because if u had bet idk like, 10 satoshis right there, u wouldn't call it luck now, would u!?
    so goodluck!  
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    Absentt reacted to DMTripp27 in Whats the sickest "good" run you've sent on?   
    I have 4 that im proud of.
    1.) Turned 2500 faucet into 1.25 btc in 36 hour gambling binge (on Bitsler)
    2.) Turned 0.87 ETH into 100 in about 13 hours (on bitsler)
    3.) Turned 0.03 into 4.5 BTC in 24 hours (on DuckDice)
    4.) Turned 20k sats into 0.13 on stream (on PD). However busted it in just 4 rolls after stream ended on 1.98 chance haha.
    I wanna hear everyones sickest runs goooooooo
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    Absentt reacted to Aembh in Whats the sickest "good" run you've sent on?   
    I got close to 1btc once starting with 10k sats but then busted it with 13 2x reds, each betting double the amount of previous bet...
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    Absentt reacted to keian in Whats the sickest "good" run you've sent on?   
    from 1k faucet to 0.08 btc in duckdice
    from 50k sats tip to 0.8 in duckdice and loss it all on my first day of gambling in duckdice
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    Absentt reacted to Aembh in Whats the sickest "good" run you've sent on?   
    yeah i got really really lucky & then horribly unlucky  stopped 2xing like that after this...
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    Absentt reacted to Aembh in Bitcoin or Eth   
    Currently several (not just eth) other ccurrencies seem to be performing better than btc. Many have more features and a more receptive development team than bitcoin and the path to future seems brighter for them! The only qualities that Bitcoin has over these are its "being the first" advantage, its network of users that already exist and a considerably well based infrastructure. If these qualities are lost, Bitcoin will continue to lose market to others. That being said, i'd still go for btc!
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    Absentt reacted to Aembh in Chat problem!!!!   
    No one! Spammers don't think or care about anything :\ 
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    Absentt reacted to Aembh in Favorite PD Username:50k satoshi giveaway   
    My fav is Absentt, it's my friend's username and is made from putting the initials of his full name and his date of birth together! They form an actual word! Im kinda jealous actually