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  1. username: aembh been away for a while and not only it's good to be back, it's good to see that pd's doing great
  2. Username: aembh Joined date: 12.06.2014
  3. I am adding a new post since it's no longer merged to my former post, i will be using this post number as my roll hunt number. 1.07. Thanks! Username: aembh
  4. Is it possible to enter now but get eligible for this giveaway later on when it ends?
  5. PD username: aembh Date: 18.07.2017 09:59:49 utc
  6. ofcourse! that'd be most profitable, and fun!
  7. It's win some lose some! some times things go good and i get some greens and if i dont get greedy and bust it i withdraw, sometimes it's bust, depo, bust, depo... last time i didn't bust tho! wd around 1.8m satoshis
  8. damn! one of them unlucky streaks! hope u recover
  9. Nice. but remember, should this have turned out the other way, u'd be posting about ur bad beat! Hope it doesn't happen but be careful!
  10. Aembh


    Dayyum, just dayyum? my seeds tend to get the roll stuck in middle
  11. Yh low payouts always makes u regret foin it, one red n ur effd.