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  1. Apparently on August 1st (tommorow) there will be a hard fork in BTC, so half of our coins are taken but the value is doubled? What exactly happens?
  2. I wouldn't worry about it. Your coins r safe :>
  3. I prefer PD, it just has a better feel to it.
  4. Damn I'll check that out now. glad to see i have secret admirers
  5. So I came back to Pd a day or two ago after not playing for 1-2 weeks and there was 100k sats in my balance? I already busted it but I'm just curious how I got it if anyone has a clue
  6. If it drops to $1500 I'll still play pd the same but I'd buy more bitcoins
  7. I beg for trivia, but very rarely.
  8. Yeah tru, I'll probably stop using that payout lol
  9. Well today I learned that even if you're not greedy, you can still get bitten in the ass. I bet 100k sats on 90% and after only a couple rolls busted.
  10. Yeah guys I went on a few other sites and captchas there had the same problem
  11. I would go with like $6-12 roughly 300k satoshi to 600k satoshi
  12. The worst feeling in the world is if you max bet on 98% and bust in like the first 10 rolls
  13. damn nice man. Made a good profit for yourself
  14. that sucks man. It'll come back to you eventually
  15. I've only managed to reach 300k and then some from the 100 sat faucet. Still good tho
  16. welcome to the pd forum mang glad to have you here
  17. Yeah i think I'm going to go through with it
  18. It seems interesting, I'll check it out. Hope the site continues to grow
  19. If I had 100,000 satoshis, how safe would it be to play on 9900x payout on 100 satoshi bets? And to the people who hunt this payout regularly how often do you roll a 0.00, 99.99, or 100?