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  1. Apparently on August 1st (tommorow) there will be a hard fork in BTC, so half of our coins are taken but the value is doubled? What exactly happens?
  2. I wouldn't worry about it. Your coins r safe :>
  3. I prefer PD, it just has a better feel to it.
  4. Damn I'll check that out now. glad to see i have secret admirers
  5. So I came back to Pd a day or two ago after not playing for 1-2 weeks and there was 100k sats in my balance? I already busted it but I'm just curious how I got it if anyone has a clue
  6. If it drops to $1500 I'll still play pd the same but I'd buy more bitcoins
  7. I beg for trivia, but very rarely.
  8. Yeah tru, I'll probably stop using that payout lol
  9. Well today I learned that even if you're not greedy, you can still get bitten in the ass. I bet 100k sats on 90% and after only a couple rolls busted.
  10. Yeah guys I went on a few other sites and captchas there had the same problem
  11. I would go with like $6-12 roughly 300k satoshi to 600k satoshi