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  1. Contacted support. They said I did faucet farming which I didn't. I don't even know what it is. Maybe because I am not depositing any BTC and losing it to PD.
  2. Today I discovered this coin - Chaincoin which is currently trending top on Cryptopia exchange. The price right now is 0.0011 BTC with 130% change. ChainCoin is about banking for digital world. Learn more here - http://www.chaincoin.org/
  3. sumitG


    It is good for investment and many more coins are getting launched on Waves platform. So, just like Ethereum, Waves has a bright future ahead.
  4. Coindash is getting lot of buzz. It is social trading platform which is in beta phase right now. With Coindash you can invest in different ICOs and tokens from just one platform. ICO starts from July 17. Check out Coindash. io and not coindash.tech( it is scam).
  5. Love reading too. Currently reading American Gods.
  6. What is min investment?
  7. I'm self employed. I do blogging, trading and investing altcoins. So, Bitcoin is way too important for me.
  8. Happened to me as well. You just have to wait.
  9. Mostly people thought of it is a scam and idea of virtual currency is/was new to them. Now, they only regret not buying me.
  10. 1. Poloniex 2. Coinbase 3. Kraken 4. Cex.io 5. Bitfinex
  11. Yeah me too. Because of him the price of bitcoin crashed.
  12. I think it will considering the growing no of ICO's.
  13. I like to play cricket and watch ice sports.
  14. I can speak english, hindi, and marathi.