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    Rescue kittens

    @RabMalfoy you have a kind heart. keep it up!
  2. it depends who plays with it. that's the purpose of age discretion right?
  3. wow! what a great news! thank you PD. still the best!
  4. definitely agree. this is also considered as High Yield Investment Program.
  5. it will be scam sooner or later. they pays it's true but once they reached their quota they will stop paying! familiar with microhash.net? they scam people few weeks back and i guess they have same admin as auroramine.com and run same scheme, so be careful.
  6. Hindi ka pangit, mahirap ka lang. ~Marlou
  7. naka register na ako sis. sipagan ko mag post para madali maging full member ako.
  8. anbushinta


    I still got addiction on playing computer games even i'm married now and my wife prohibited me to. lol.
  9. indeed! you are welcome here. hope you like pd community as well. goodluck to you.
  10. paano makapag simula sa bitcointalk?
  11. I have this site also but it was redirected to railblock system. is this still paying?
  12. you got it wrong... Last word was "Ethnicity" you must give a word that starts with "y"
  13. hello my fellow citizen welcome to PD and best of luck to you. just be active here and always stay tuned for giveaways