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  1. BrunoT

    Love vs. Money?

    Last night I was at the McDonalds. I ordered 2 Cheeseburgers. "How you wanna pay?" she asked. I told her I would give her some love. Now im at home with a headache as she punshed my head against the wall. Money comes in handy sometimes.
  2. Looks very nice indeed. How many hours did you put into those few pics?
  3. BrunoT


    Just replied in a Marihuana topic. But, I was addicted to this. Weed mostly. To avoid. Avoid everything. Life, Work, Things I should do, Things I want to do, Friends, etc. etc. edit: If anyone needs any advice send me a PM.
  4. BrunoT


    IMO Weed won't bring you much good. Just like a painkiller wont cure you. Weed slows you down. In Thinking, in social life, in joy.
  5. First Good sex, Than McDonalds, Than even more Sex
  6. 77.77% haha, nice. Should hit that number, twice in a row ;-)
  7. Fortnite! Battle Royale mode
  8. Very cool! Merry Xmas Support!
  9. I use bitcoin only to hold. And wait for it to go over 100.000$ someday Give it a couple of years
  10. Im not sure actually. Depends on my mood. Could be 1, or 2, or 4
  11. You guys should difinitly checkout the songs from the movie Baby Driver. I got a spotify link, not youtube, but this is the topic it should belong in, as I play this in my car for the last month now on and on.
  12. Absolutly not my kind of music, but the title is so true. btw you got a Typo in your Topic Subject.
  13. Nice to play not 1 tactic but a few. I do that aswell. Brought me some, but also got me greedy after a while to lose it all again. Anyway congrats on the win MrKnight!