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  1. What was your strat though. Thats a huge feat!
  2. Lagyan mo pero make sure na hindi mawala phone mo.
  3. Beggar begs forgiveness for begging. Gets double muted
  4. But How to differentiate being flagged as spam from being downvoted for your legit posting?
  5. You get tensed, you lose your cool!
  6. When you wake up, and grabbed your phone to check on PD. Thats a symptom of addiction!
  7. Faucet value is way to low to be profitable especially for new users!
  8. Tried using my phone. Gave up quickly! Mining a bitcoin requires astronomical resources now!
  9. It won't be called GPU anymore. It will be BPU, bitcoin processing unit!
  10. Giftbox is more exciting than raffle because you are sure that you will receive something in a giftbox. Raffles, you are more likely to lose!
  11. No house edge! Clear cut! But we improved a lot havent we??