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  1. Bermouth have lose 3 match.. And Arsenal need point to kick the TOP 4 :).. So we choose Asernal for win
  2. Congrats Liverpool win the match with 4-0 :)... Wait for me to next TIP :)... Donate is appreciate :3
  3. With balance 0.004-0.01 satoshies.... Base: 40 satoshies, increase 1.5% on lose When u met 3-5 bet higher 55 or lower 45.. switch to 1.8x and roll to recover!... Then comeback base or increase a less Good luck! U can earn 300-400k/ days with this strategy (i like 99x, so quick - so fast recovery )
  4. Liverpool have win at the first match of new league. And Liverpool have won when meet Arsenal at 2016/17. So we can believe Liverpool can have win at this match.. TIP: Liverpool -0.25 What is your opinion? I have 3 right TIP soccer ;).. 1. TIP Soccer:UEFA Hoffenheim - Liverpool 2. TIP Soccer:UEFA EL Everton - Hajduk Split 3. TIP SOCCER: UEFA CL Basaksehir vs Sevilla If u like can donate to my PDusername: GodBlessU.
  5. Congrats Sevilla win 2-1 and win over 2.75
  6. Sevilla pay 61.5 millions Euros for increase their power at this summer: Banega, Navas, Kjaer. Basaksehir also have Adebayor, Clichy, Inler Actually Sevilla have more advantage than Basaksehir so much. Why not choose Sevilla -0.25 and over 2.75?
  7. Actually, Everton have more stronger than Hajduk Split and they have ambition on Europe... :).. So we can believe Everton will win this match with their highest strength and atitude... 2-0 or 3-1 is my choose Everton - 1.5 What about u?
  8. Finally is 1-2 ;).. Congrats Liverpool fan.
  9. At 1.45am GMT +7 Hoffenheim vs Liverpool. Both team have good statistic. Hoffenheim have home advantages but i belive Liverpool will have win with 0 - 1 or 1- 2 :).. I give your free típ : Liverpool -0.25 What is your opinion about this match?
  10. Tk you very much :).. i will try Hunger Games later
  11. Username: GodBlessU :(. I always pm... Robear said that i'm on whitelist :(... but i check it is not. Tks for advance
  12. Is down now :(... i have earned 600exp.... lol
  13. Congrats... keep your lucky always
  14. I have busy at least at October to comeback :D... hope will see u again at this time
  15. Play so fun :).. I'm earning experice
  16. I'm semi-beggar :)))... nice to meet u again raven
  17. Username: GodBlessU Joined date: 17.11.2014
  18. Yah.. 30% on loss it enough for this strategist.. but more risk more profit
  19. Now he is recovering about 1.3BTC :).. hope Martingale make him get more profit!!
  20. Do you know coinbet24h.com ? Enjoy their prediction game and earn more mBTC at HERE Can deposit via BTC, Visa, PM... Good luck everybody!!!
  21. He made 8.6 BTC on profit... and after 15 rolls... Gone away?... what about u?